Finding Contentment in My Kitchen: Saturday Baking

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I use Saturdays to “get ahead” on the food prep for the coming week: to make bread, to get at least one quick breakfast option baked, to make something yummy for Sundays.

Here’s what came out of my kitchen this Saturday!

Pretty Breads

simple family meals

This week I did muffins, whole wheat dinner rolls, and cinnamon rolls.

I plan on posting my muffin recipe – Whole Wheat Cinnamon Muffins – next week!

simple family meals

Happy Cinnamon Rolls

simple family meals

Baking cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning is my latest attempt to set Sundays apart as a special day, a little mini holiday. They are 100% whole wheat and not the most decadent; after all, I don’t want everyone having a sugar crash at church! But I do add frosting, so the kids all think they’re the best.


simple family meals

I have a little kitchen helper currently who loves to come in and get a little work done on the sly.

It’s a good thing she’s so super cute.

It’s a good thing I’m super cute? Well, at least, it’s a good thing I feed my family and make them happy.

I make plenty of mess on my own, thankyouverymuch.

Real Delicious Convenience

simple family meals

I’ve been caramelizing onions (5-6) and roasting heads of garlic (3-4) on Saturday and then just pulling out the already-delicious and chopped veggies as the start of dinners throughout the week.

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simple easy homemade family menu plan

  1. Rachelle
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    Those cinnamon rolls look delicious–and they sound like the perfect Sunday morning treat! I agree with the “let’s not have a sugar crash during church” idea!

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