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It is so tempting while planning for an upcoming school year that is still a few months away to get grandiose ideas about the possibilities. I am an optimist, and there’s nothing like the beginning of a calendar year or school year to fill me with unrealistic idealism.

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To keep my inner optimistic idealist at bay, I limited myself to 3 goals, 3 priorities, for this year. These aren’t SMART goals. They are still rather idealistic, but they are also abstract. The point, after all, is developing these people along these lines, not accomplishing the goals regardless of the person. These are our priorities for the year. If something happens and things fall apart or if some new shiny option presents itself, these are the filters for our time this year.

Because one overarching goal is encouraging lifelong learning, which I as the teacher must model if it will be taught, and because I have the privilege of living a home educating life, I get three educational goals for myself, as well.

Myself, 31-years-old

  • Undertake diligent reading, including SWB histories & good progress on TBR piles. Specific goal: 52 books in 2013, 75 books in 2014.
  • Begin self-taught piano lessons, finally.
  • Build the habit of writing daily.

Hans, 10-year-old

  • Practice good expression: orally, in writing, in conversation, and in Latin. (trivium)
  • Progress through math & music as mastery is achieved. (quadrivium)
  • Grow in self-discipline, work ethic, and responsibility.

Jaeger, 8-year-old

  • Practice good expression: orally, in writing, in conversation, and in Latin.
  • Progress through math & music as mastery is achieved.
  • Grow in self-discipline, work ethic, and responsibility.

Ilse, 5-year-old (6 in January)

  • Work on reading as developmentally appropriate.
  • Work on math as she masters lessons and wants more.
  • Foster her faith one-on-one (Bible stories, conversation, Scripture memory, doctrine, catechism).

Knox, 3-year-old (4 in February)

  • Reliably potty trained.
  • Be read aloud to daily.
  • Memorize Psalm 1 and the catechism at least through Q&A 20.

Geneva, 1-year-old (in November)

  • Hear Scripture and other good language (read-alouds) daily.
  • Be loved.
  • Grow.

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  1. Brandy @ Afterthoughts
    | Reply

    I love your goals! I must say I gleaned a few ideas from your list. Do you always have three goals? Or do those actually fit into three categories? Tell me about how you decide. :)

    I need to set goals over the summer, so that’s is why I’m pestering you about this. :)

  2. Mystie Winckler
    | Reply

    The format and division of my goals have been different each year. Really, these ones could apply every year. :) Last year I had Hans’ goals listed as:

    Proceed in MUS
    Proceed in Latin
    Improve handwriting
    Practice basic composition
    Know major figures & wars of ancient times

    That helped when I cut back during my third trimester. Even though handwriting would have been an easy one to cut, that was one area I wanted them to improve this year, so it stayed and Bible went (because we already have been through the OT in school & Matt was reading through it after dinner, too). So, with that list of goals, a school day was good if we did math, at least a little Latin, practiced 1-3 letters (5 minutes focused practice), read or listened to a book on ancient times, and did a written narration.

    My goal for 2012-2013 was “Have a baby.” Check. Check. :)

    And, we succeeded in “proceeding,” but we may or may not have if I had put a more specific measurement there. He is farther in math than I anticipated (but we aren’t stopping early because of that) but we might not quite finish LFC A by the time our year is over (but we will still break and just pick up where we left off) and I had hoped we’d make it into B. However, we both actually are comfortable with Latin where we are now, and we’re both getting it. I’d rather make sure we reinforce and work with the material until we’ve got it down (mastery) than plow through so we hit an arbitrary measurable goal.

    So, I kept that sort of ambiguous phrasing for this year. :) As I was putting together what we’re going to do, these are the areas that kept emerging, and then I realized that they fit with trivium/quadrivium, but that was a bonus and not intentional. :) The boys will be doing a junior speech class and I will start a writing class, so our focus for the year is on communication more than on certain content. Our content will focus on medieval history with an emphasis on church history, but this year history content didn’t make it onto the priority list. :)

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