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It is easy when looking at other people’s plans to see what they are doing, and imagine it’s more than it is. So, I thought I’d list out the things we aren’t doing to help round out the picture. It’s not that these aren’t good things, it’s that they didn’t make the cut this year. Other families will come up with other combinations of what they are and aren’t doing, and that’s a good thing.

  • spelling program

  • logic/critical thinking workbooks

2013-2014 school year plan

  • vocabulary exercises
  • “language arts” curriculum

  • in-depth or hands-on science

  • history crafts or projects

  • unit studies or anything elaborately correlated

  • social studies

  • literature projects

  • literature studied formally

  • art curriculum

  • quizzes, tests, or book reports

  • oral or written narrations for all readings

  • geography

history without lesson plans

  • timeline or book of centuries
  • health

  • state history

  • co-ops

  • sports

  • evening commitments (one weekly exception)

  • preschool hands-on skills (like cutting or Kumon workbooks)

  • preschool curriculum (like Five-in-Row)

I’m sure I’ll think of more. :)

  1. I love that you said this. Most people see my lists and then send me emails wondering how I fit all that I’m doing in with all that they are doing and I have to remind them it doesn’t work that way. I’m only doing all that I am doing! :)

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