Increase Your Water Intake with Naturally Flavored Water

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As far as healthy habits go, drinking water is one of the simplest and easiest improvements to implement. When compared with exercise and changing the way we eat, simply drinking water is a no-brainer. Still, even with such an easy change, instilling it as a habit takes time and attention and effort.

Increasing your water intake is one of the easiest healthy habits to form. Take these natural flavor combinations to infuse your drinks to stay hydrated.
If you are using water to replace sugary or fake-sugary (diet) beverages, the change can be even more challenging because your taste buds are used to flavor and sugar.

Until you are used to being constantly hydrated, flavoring your water with natural ingredients will not only keep you from being bored with water, but will also add some antioxidants and minerals to boot.

Water Infusion Ideas

  • Classic: lemon slices
  • Citrus Medley: orange, lemon, and grapefruit slices
  • Zinger: lime slices
  • Spa: cucumber slices
  • Refresher: cucumber and lemon or lime slices
  • Winter Bite: cinnamon sticks
  • Berry Hint: a handful of fresh or frozen berries
  • Ginger Spice: peeled and sliced ginger root with a cinnamon stick
  • Peppermint: crushed fresh peppermint leaves

I like to slice up whatever I am going use and add 3-4 slices to several pitchers in the evening. Then I stick them in the fridge or outside (my wintertime second fridge) so I have cool, flavored water all day long. When I empty one, I refill it and stick it back in the fridge or on the patio. You can reuse the same infusers for two or three days, just keep refilling with fresh water as needed.

Increasing your water intake is one of the easiest healthy habits to form. Take these natural flavor combinations to infuse your drinks to stay hydrated.

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5 Responses

  1. Jennifer Crum
    | Reply

    You know, I never thought about adding fruits and veggies to water as a way to add nutrients. I might have to reconsider my stance about only drinking pure water, it seems like it might not be such a bad idea to flavor it up a bit. What do you do with your additives after you drink the water?

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      I’m afraid I just toss them or run them in the garbage disposal. But I also often use ends of lemons or cucumbers I would have tossed anyway, too.

  2. Kathy's Kitchen
    | Reply

    Great idea! I think I will give it a go.

  3. Trisha
    | Reply

    I love lemons in my water. Lucky for me my family from Louisiana recently provided me with a TON of lemons :). I had never thought of the combinations you suggested. I think the mint water might be mighty tasty too! Thanks so much for the suggestions and for linking up on Wellness Wednesday :)

  4. Amber @ Classic Housewife
    | Reply

    I was just thinking I need to start doing this! Thanks for all of the suggestions… they sound yummy!

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