Menu Plan Monday: Harvest Term Begins

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simple easy homemade family menu plan

We completed a 5-week summer term, took a break week last week, and now we start our harvest term with freshly purchased pencils and the sound of the school bus rumbling down the street.

I adjusted my menu plan during the break week. I wanted to make sure breakfasts were getting everyone solid “brain food” with enough fats and protein and not simply carbs. I’m hoping it will help with coping and stamina.


  • Breakfast: weekend leftovers (cinnamon rolls or frozen pancakes, toasted) with eggs
  • Lunch: pbj on rolls
  • Dinner: grilled chicken, grilled bread, grilled zucchini


beef potato hash


Welcome Home Wednesdays

  • Breakfast: baked cinnamon French toast
  • Lunch: picnic! rolls, cheese, salami, garden veggies
  • Dinner: egg, canadian bacon, & cheese sandwiches on homemade English muffins


german pancakes

  • Breakfast: German pancakes
  • Lunch: baked rice w/ butter
  • Dinner: homemade pizza (no-carb pizza for me)


homeschool lunch ideas


  • Breakfast: pancakes from scratch, made by Daddy, with homemade syrup
  • Lunch: bits and pieces (clean out the fridge)
  • Dinner: home-grilled hamburgers, watermelon


  • Breakfast: Whole-wheat cinnamon rolls
  • Lunch: rolls from Saturday’s baking with peanut butter, refrigerator pickles

All meals only involve ingredients on my basic master pantry list.

Unless linked to other recipes, these dinners are found in my eBook, Simplified Dinners:

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