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menu plan monday

I altered my menu plan from last week because a recipe at The Pioneer Woman Cooks caught my eye: Butternut Squash and Kale quesadillas. They were a surprise hit with the family, even though none of us are usually fans of cooked greens. I think the cheese made up for it. It was a bit messy to prepare, but since it was also an all-in-one meal, I didn’t hold it against them.

I had leftover cooked butternut squash and kale (and I had added an onion to the saute), and I had to bring an egg dish to a women’s brunch the next morning, so I chopped the squash and kale into smaller pieces, then followed the directions for Oven Omelette in Simplified Dinners, spreading the mixture into the eggs and topping it with a couple handfulls of shredded mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. It turned out great! I might try it again, adding some sautéed mushrooms or a handful of crisp & chopped bacon.

Menu Plan for January 14-19

  • Breakfast: oatmeal

  • Lunch: rolls, cheese cubes, apples

  • Dinner: orange black beans & baked brown rice

  • Breakfast: eggs w/ toast or leftover oatmeal (made into porridge with milk)

  • Lunch: cheese pizza, apples

  • Dinner: chicken veggie soup, no-knead artisan bread, salad

  • Breakfast: birthday girl’s cold cereal of choice

  • Lunch with friends: chicken pasta salad, flat bread, carrot sticks & apples, cheese slices

  • Dinner: with friends, I’m bringing a salad

  • Breakfast: German pancakes

  • Lunch: oven-baked brown rice w/ peas & carrots

  • Dinner: calico beans, salad, no-knead artisan bread

  • Breakfast: oatmeal

  • Lunch: cheese pizza, apples

  • Dinner: leftover beans with cheesy steak fries

  • Breakfast: pancakes

  • Lunch: bread & cheese

  • Dinner: grilled cheese sandwiches


All meals only involve ingredients on my basic master pantry list.

Most recipes can be found in my eBook:

Simplified Dinners eBook

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  1. Annette {This Simple Mom}
    | Reply

    That picture is very appealing. What is it?

    I cook from my pantry, too!

  2. hsmominmo
    | Reply

    cooking from the pantry is a great way to keep things simple and absolutely helps keep within budget. Love your example of ‘making do’ with your baked omelet. Thank you!

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