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So, having developed why I chose to focus on organization, atmosphere, and health in 2013 and also the nature of habits, now we come to the details.

Here’s my list.

Habits for an Organized Home

  1. Make my bed.
  2. Always write it down right away in RTM, EN, or Google Calendar.
  3. Look at RTM, Cal, & Daily Docket before breakfast, during lunch, & before bed.
  4. Set three goals per day, during breakfast; tell someone.
  5. Put it away, don’t put it down.
  6. Spend 5 minutes daily dealing w/ clutter spot or paper piles.
  7. Lay out stuff for the next day (clothes, errand things, breakfast).
  8. Use the timer to create focus for 5 minutes of clutter reduction, 15 minutes of housework, and afternoon EHAP.
  9. Spend 30 minutes daily for day’s focus (ala Large Family Logistics) and use a timer.
  10. Write a summary of day/school every evening.

Habits for a Happy Home

  1. Spend 15 minutes in Bible-reading & prayer before breakfast.
  2. Smile with eye contact.
  3. Close the computer when talking/listening.
  4. Eat breakfast with kids, at table, being present.
  5. Say something kind to & hug/cuddle each child daily.
  6. Get the grace, blow it out, choose a cheerful attitude.
  7. Have a daily conversation: tea, walk, or lunch.
  8. Ask for forgiveness right away when I lose it, before I feel like it; choose to let it go.
  9. Use good-natured humor rather than sarcasm or a snark to make my point.
  10. Include everyone in dinnertime conversation, have one conversation.

Habits for a Healthy/Energetic Life

  1. Drink 100oz water & take vitamins daily.
  2. Consciously plate all food.
  3. Spend 20 minutes daily exercising.
  4. Lunch: salad w/ cheese, fruit, nuts, seeds + cup of soup (tomato or broth w/ veggies).
  5. Make all carbs complex & whole-food, w/ 2 exceptions weekly & Sundays off.
  6. Spend 5 minutes morning & evening stretching.
  7. Sieze opportunities to move quickly; make normal routines aerobic activity.
  8. Eat at least 5 servings of vegetables a day.
  9. Stand & sit with good posture.
  10. Eat no starch or sugar after 4pm, w/ 2 allowed exceptions per week & Sundays off.


So, for January, I will be working on doing the #1 habit on each list every day:

  1. Make my bed.
  2. Spend 15 minutes in Bible-reading & prayer before breakfast.
  3. Drink 100oz water & take vitamins daily.


Accountability is critical when making changes and when you want to commit to daily progress. My husband knows my goals and checks in on them, but I don’t want to make him into the bad-guy enforcer of my own resolve. Most of the midst-of-the-day accountability comes from two good friends who also use Google chat. We keep up with the little details of life as well via that medium. It gives us a place to report our little victories or firm up our resolve.

I am sometimes on the Well-Trained Mind forum, and after not going on in weeks, I checked it just at the right time to join in on a thread on this topic of organization and habits. As a result of that conversation, an email group was created for accountability. If you want to establish your own habits and don’t have someone to exchange daily feedback with, you might want to join: The Organization Project. I think setting up an accountability plan with someone you know (and who knows you) personally and in real life is best, but perhaps an email in your inbox to remind you to check in with yourself and a group would be beneficial even if you do have that personal accountability.

Do you have any habits you hope to establish in 2013?

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    I love that you have such a detailed plan! I think I will make one up too!

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