Preparing a Simple Strategy for my First Whole30

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Simple Whole30 Plan

To those who downloaded the free plan, but might not be familiar with the Simplified Dinners concept: my plan assumes I keep my basic pantry staples on hand, so only the vegetables and meat are on the weekly grocery list. In addition to those items, I will still also be restocking the pantry with things like canned tomatoes and mustard as we use them.

As I gear up to start, I know that if I want success in my first attempt at Whole30, I need a plan and I need to prepare.

Whole30 Grocery Trip

Today I go to Costco and WinCo and buy twice as many vegetables as I usually do. Although having fresh, seasonal vegetables with every meal sounds lovely, I need some easy options that hold well. I only have so much room in the fridge, and I can’t go to the store every other day. So, I’ll be keeping a Costco bag of onions in the cool basement storage room. I’ll be keeping the fruit in the cool garage rather than the fridge. I’ll be buying frozen broccoli and frozen green beans. Canned tomatoes count as a vegetable, right?

whole30 grocery shopping

Then, as the month goes on, my plan is to go to Costco on Mondays and WinCo on Thursdays. This will help spread out the vegetables so my fridge isn’t crammed and so it doesn’t all go bad at once.

Whole30 Cooking in Advance

Saturdays are my kitchen day. Whole30 will require even more chopping and cooking-from-scratch than is normal for me, and I already cook real foods mostly from scratch.

So on Saturdays I will be

  • baking sandwich bread for the kids
  • poaching or grilling chicken breasts for lunch salads
  • cutting a veggie tray for Sunday snacking
  • mixing a vinaigrette for salads during the week
  • caramelizing 5-6 onions to keep in the fridge to jump-start breakfasts & dinners
  • roasting yams or squash and also garlic for my homemade paste
  • whisk up a recipe of paleo mayo

I’ll let you know how long this takes me, but taking the time will be worth it because of the amount of time it will save on busy weeknights.

make ahead food for whole30

Tools for Whole30 Cooking

Having the right tool for the job is a time and effort saver, as well. Using tools that simplify the process can also make the work more enjoyable – or, at least, less awful. These links are Amazon affiliate links, so if you buy something after clicking through, I receive some compensation for my time in compiling these resources. Thanks!

These are my three top tools I will be using during my Whole30:

a sharp knife

My husband gave me Wustof paring and chopping knives for Christmas last year, and I absolutely love them! Nothing beats a sharp knife. If you’re going to be chopping mounds of vegetables everyday, make sure you have a sharp knife!

A silicone baking mat

A silicone baking mat that fits on your baking trays makes roasting vegetables a breeze to clean up. The vegetables don’t burn to the pan, they slide right off, and I just wipe off my mat and store it with the pan for the next day’s roasting. Roasting vegetables is my favorite way to prepare them, and a baking mat makes the entire process easier.

An oil mister

My Misto oil spritzer is another of my favorite tools for preparing veggies. It makes oiling and salting the vegetables quick and easy, and they don’t get drenched or unevenly coated. I’ve had mine for two years now, and it’s still going strong! I have a post with tips for using your Misto, if you want more information about it.

  1. Pam
    | Reply

    Following along closely with all these plans so I can jump on board in Feb.

    I have had that Wustof’s cook’s knife for eight years now. I LOVE that thing. It is just about the only knife I ever use.

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