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This will be my third year of participating in’s Project Simplify. It always provides a little extra motivation to tackle places that have been nagging on me for awhile, and right now I feel like my house is almost entirely made up of places that nag me. The general spaces can get presentable, but all the cupboards and closets and hidden places need so much attention!

So I knew I’d have to participate again when I saw Tsh’s announcement post, where she listed the four areas of the month: drawers & shelves, that pesky closet, piles, and a nagging project. Yup. I got all those in abundance.

But, I am also homeschooling, making 3 meals a day, starting a garden, and have a bunch of yard work to be done! And of course there’s also reading and writing I’d like to do. So, I picked areas that would give me the most bang for my time, the areas that I see every day, that really wouldn’t be a big deal to reorganize, but that would give me a big boost by opening the door and seeing it orderly.

Before & After: Pantry

messy pantryorganized pantry

I might have a Simplified Pantry, but that doesn’t stop it from getting disorderly. It does, however, make it fast to tidy up: there are few items to corral! Straightening up the pantry has been on my nagging back-of-the-mind list (those are bad, but I knew it didn’t have the priority to write it onto the real list) for a couple months. It took less than 5 minutes to make the above difference. That should have definitely fallen into a “just do it” category long ago.

I didn’t wipe any shelves down, I just wanted it all straight and categorized as quickly as possible.

Before & After: Junk Drawer

junk drawer
organized drawer

When I bought my grain mill and set up my bread-baking central station with the Bosch mixer and mill and cutting board out all the time, I soon realized I’d want to use the drawer there for accessories and tools. It was much too big a drawer to be taken up all with junk and random bits. Plus, the small drawer next to it still has never been able to decide what it’s supposed to be. So, it became the junk drawer and the large drawer became the place for bread tools & accessories.

This transformation took about 15 minutes.

Before & After: Above-the-Microwave Cupboard

I didn’t intend to organize this cupboard when I started, but it’s above the said mixing area and it’s one of those places I toss stuff haphazardly and I’ve been afraid for awhile that when I open those doors, everything will come crashing down and something will fall on my head.

Now I don’t have to wince when I open the cupboard.

And it only took 3 minutes. I thought there was a ton of junk in there, but it just needed to be arranged better and it all fit with room to spare. Huh.

Time well spent.

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  1. tacy
    | Reply

    great job! isn’t it so refreshing to get things organized and under control?! :)

  2. DHM
    | Reply

    The homeschool carnival is up and you’re in it. Please share.=)

  3. Heather P
    | Reply

    This made me smile. . . I get to do all of this from scratch in 2 months! One thing about our current rental is that we have LOTS of storage space. Not the case in our Iowa home. . . am realizing I will need to get creative.

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