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So last week was Shelves, and I tackled a couple trouble spots. This week is “That Pesky Closet” and I’m glad it’s phrased in the singular.

I have multiple pesky closets. In fact, every single bedroom closet in this house could really use an overhaul. But I only got to one: my daughter’s.

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Before & After: Ilse’s Closet

I think this before & after pair needs a little more “before” context:

And that was after I had my daughter pick up her legos!

But, sending a 5-year-old to clean up her room was really only making the closet situation worse, so it definitely needed my attention.

It might only be 1/4 of what needs attention in the closet department, but that’s 1/4 more than was done the day before, so I’m doing my best to not sniff at it.

And, my daughter exclaimed in gratitude when she saw it, so that helps, too.

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  1. Great job! And even greater job for teaching your daughter to express gratitude! This made me smile. :)

  2. Heather
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    Awesome job! My kids like to organize their toys, but don’t really do a good job on the clothes front. The closet looks nice and clean. And the fact that your daughter was so grateful afterwards, that is always the best part :-)

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