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Simplified Grocery Shopping

As mothers, we spend untold amount of time making sure our families have food to eat. Let’s look at some ways to take the stress and redundancy out of the process!

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Grocery Shopping Tip: Sort Your Cart As You Go

simple grocery shopping

I categorize and sort things by default, by nature, without thinking. Things that are like each other, go with each other. I don’t really even think about it. So I’ve been categorizing my cart as I grocery shop from the very beginning simply because it’s the way I operate, and it never occurred to me to just toss everything in willy-nilly as I went.

Having a sorted cart helps at check-out time. If all your cold things go up onto the conveyer belt at the same time, they’ll be bagged together and help keep one another cold. If all the cans are together, and the produce all last, then cans won’t bruise the produce – even if you have children bagging your groceries (which I do).

grocery shopping without stress

grocery shopping without stress

Try it next time you’re at the store! Just put the packages that are alike near one another, and then pull one type out at a time at checkout.

My cart is usually sorted with produce in the back, then bulk items, then cans and boxes and packages, then cold stuffs. Meat goes on the bottom of the cart. However, your arrangement will depend on your route and the order you approach things at the store.

I think it makes the process simpler. You might find it’s helpful, too.

grocery shopping made easier

Keep like things together in your cart to simplify the checkout and bagging process.

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