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The Week in Brief

Our first term is over and we took a break week, catching up on the housekeeping, putting all the piles back into their places, reshelving the books, and – not planned – having a nasty cold.

Even with the cold, and even without the formal lessons, learning and growing still happened. The kids spent more time drawing, reading, riding bikes, and listening to audio books while resting. We went to the park with friends, the kids had a play day at my mom’s house while I went out and had coffee by myself for a couple hours, and I dealt with the piles that had accumulated over the last 5 weeks of school.

It’s nice to have the time built-in for extra rest, for putting away the inevitable clutter build-up, and for putting extra time into our projects. Having regular break weeks makes starting school in July completely worth it for us.

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  1. Nita
    | Reply

    Great idea, a term break week. I haven’t scheduled any but could fit it in.

  2. dacia
    | Reply

    I have breaks in the works this year too!

  3. Beth
    | Reply

    It looks like it was a good week.

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