When to Grocery Shop | 31 Days of Grocery Shopping Made Easy

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Simplified Grocery Shopping

Set up your pantry, grocery list, menu plan, and dinner recipes to simplify and streamline the process. Dinner happens every day. Be ready.

Yesterday: Use reusable grocery bags.

Grocery Shopping Tip: Shop at the right time. Don’t shop at the same time as the amateurs.

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My mother-in-law taught me a useful phrase and concept. Once, casually, years ago, she said something like, “I had to go to the store Saturday afternoon, but I do so hate to do that. All the amateurs are out.”

It’s so true! It takes longer to go through your grocery store route and routine when the store is packed, and packed with people who don’t go with the flow of the store’s traffic and who leave their carts in the middle of the aisle and who don’t know what they’re going to buy so spend their time staring.

We’ve all had those days or those phases of life; one’s grocery shopping habits are not something to condemn anyone over. I’m just saying like just as we try to avoid rush hour traffic if we can, we should try to avoid grocery store rush hours.

grocery shopping made easier

My favorite time to grocery shop is between 9-10am. Only people who know what they are about are out at the grocery store at that time of day. Old ladies who tickle baby toes, other moms with small children, these are the people I like grocery shopping with – even if a few of them are still in their pajamas.

Of course there are other good times, but the times to avoid tend to be similar times to higher traffic on the roads: after school lets out, after people get off work, and Saturdays after the first of the month.

If you shop when there’s room for you to quickly move through the store, grabbing what you need practically on auto-pilot, you’ll finish up much more quickly and it will be a much more pleasant experience.

grocery shopping without stress

You are not an amateur grocery shopper. Avoid amateur hours at the grocery store.

Tomorrow: Track prices simply.


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    the amateurs! i love it! we most always shop during the day, and i’m always surprised at how unpleasantly busy the store is at other times.

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