Top Ten Gift Ideas for Organization Junkies

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Putting together Christmas shopping lists? Are your family members asking you what you want for Christmas?

Here are my top ten gift recommendations for the organization junkie in your life. And, if you are the organization junkie, here are some ideas to populate your own list! And if you need still more, I also have a list of Top Ten Gift Ideas for Practical Homemakers and also Top Ten Gift Ideas for the Home Cook.

Sometimes the organization systems we want are out of budget. This gift list is an organizer's dream and great ideas for any occasion.

1. Good pens & a nice clipboard or notebook

Nice tools make all the difference.

2. iPod Touch or tablet

Take your planning digital!

Then, of course, you need Paperless Home Organization to walk you through using it to its full advantage.

3. Portable scanner

If you’re serious about going digital, a handy scanner makes filing (and then shredding!) a snap.

4. Label maker

Label the world! This is the label maker I use and love.

5. Energy

My method for energy during the short dark days is a combination of coffee and 20 minutes in front of my Happy Light.

6. Drawer or fridge organizers

It’s amazing how simply putting something in a container suddenly makes it organized. After all, organizing means giving things homes. Containers are homes.

7. Jewelry organization

Add a necklace or pair of earrings to make it even better.

8. Reusable bags

Sturdy reusable shopping bags are durable and convenient.

Plus, I like a large carabiner to hook the bag of bags to my cart.

9. Inbox & outbox ledge with hooks

These are perfect for organized entryways.

10. Movement tracking

Knowledge is power. Know how many steps you actually take in a day and work to bump it up. With a Fitbit, grocery shopping and laundry “count.”

More gift list ideas

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    We have that exact same French Press and LOVE it. I want to hear more about your Happy Light!

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