Organize Your Homeschool Stuff!

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In this series, I’ve shared some real-life, non-cutesy ways I’ve organized the stuff associated with homeschooling here at our house. This is real-life organization hacks and helps that work here in the trenches.

Being organized isn’t about being impressive; it’s just about not being continually frustrated and annoyed at yourself and your stuff.


  1. Schedule and Chore Board
  2. Teacher Tote
  3. Kitchen Cart
  4. Library Book Management
  5. Inbox & File Box
  6. Pencils & Supplies
  7. File by Scanning
  8. Our Real-Life “Organized” Homeschool
  9. File by Garbage
  10. Surprisingly Convenient DVD Storage
    11. MUS Block Crayons for Primer & Alpha
  11. Crate of Math Stuff
  12. Crate of Lesson Books
  13. Crate of Preschool & Kindergarten
  14. Container of Teacher Manuals
  15. Evernote for Homeschool Planning and Records
  16. Google Calendar for Homeschooling
  17. My Year-Round Schedule in Real Life
  18. Coloring Book Collection
  19. Circle Time Binders
  20. iTunes Playlists
  21. Nature Walk Drawing Bag
  22. A Quick Fix for Well-Loved and Well-Worn Books
Tell me what your organizational headaches are and I will do my best to offer some suggestions or show you how I do it.

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