Beautiful Fairy Tale Picture Books List

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Organized homeschool lists for busy moms

I hope you’re not tired of book lists, yet.

This month I’m sharing homeschool lists all month during The Nester’s 31 Days series. Everything from coping strategies to book lists to supplies to digital and paper-based organizing, I’ve got lists and I’m excited to share them.

Homeschooling Lists Galore

Beautiful Fairy Tale Picture Books

I collect fairy tale picture books, favoring those with gorgeous illustrations and original endings, even if they’re gruesome. I want stories and pictures that convey that elusive sense of faerie. Sadly, most of these I acquired from our library book sales over the years - these were books they were getting rid of to make way for graphic novels and vampire stories. Sigh.

Individual Stories


Even while pulling the links to these books I found a few more (used copies - yay!) to add to my cart for some early Christmas gift shopping. Score.

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  1. Lisa A
    | Reply

    Great list! We love several of these and there are a few that we haven’t seen yet. Have you seen the version of Snow White illustrated by Charles Santore? It’s absolutely gorgeous! He also did The Little Mermaid

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      Oh, I haven’t heard of him before. I will definitely check that out. We don’t have any version of The Little Mermaid yet.

  2. Kelly
    | Reply

    I love your book lists — I’ve gotten several good ideas from you before. I think I remember you mentioning using picture books for Shakespeare. I don’t think I’d ever even heard of those before. Hoping you’ll make a list of those, if you haven’t already.

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