Capturing Contentment: And Now She Is Six

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enjoy homeschooling

My third-born daughter turned six last week. She is one bundle of pretty and happy and funny and real all tightly wound.

Pretty Girl

enjoy homeschooling

enjoy homeschooling

Happy Girl

enjoy homeschooling

enjoy homeschooling

She made her own cake and her own ice cream. I measured things out for her and she did all the dumping and stirring. She was very pleased with her efforts, and it appeared to all come out well, though I wouldn’t know.

Funny Girl

enjoy homeschooling

So her poem to memorize this term is Milne’s Now We Are Six, which she thinks is a pretty funny poem. She’ll go with it, but she wanted to let me know, “Hey! I don’t want to be six forever! I want to be a mom! Moms can’t be six.” Knox (nearly 4) thought six might be old enough to be a mom, but Ilse set him straight.

After all, moms get their own chocolate stash and get eggs for breakfast everyday. I understand. That’s why I wanted to be a mom, too, when I was little, except my mom had Raisin Bran for breakfast.

Real Girl

enjoy homeschooling

Now that she’s six and now that we’re back to our school routines, starting our second half of the year, I decided I’d give spelling a try with her. I’ll be modifying Sequential Spelling so that she does 4-5 words per day, not so much for the spelling as for the occasion to reinforce phonics, think about how words are put together, and practice handwriting. Ilse writes less on her own than the boys did, so I’m hoping to catch her writing habits in time to help her have correct and neat handwriting. Slowly and deliberately writing 4-5 words seems like a good approach instead of handwriting practice pages. We’ll see how it goes. Sequential Spelling might progress too quickly for her, in which case I’ll just make my own lists of simple 3-4 letter words.

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  1. Lindsey
    | Reply

    It looks like she had fun turning six! I love AA Milne too. One of our favourite poems is “Disobedience,” and I think I memorized that one as a kid! Now I’m going to have to pull out Now We Are Six for a bit of a fix. :)

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