Contagious Conviviality: A Good, Full Life

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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

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Another week, another look at the little ordinary moments that fill up the time but are easy to overlook and discount. But it’s these little things that make a good, full life.



~ Pretty Command Center Redo ~


One of the tools I recommend setting up in Simplified Organization is a “command center.” After finishing the chapter and putting together a new command center pinterest board for inspiration, I realized just how far entropy had affected my own little set up.

So I tackled it over the weekend. I thought about completely re-envisioning it, but decided that was just Pinterest-envy talking. My kitchen cupboard shelf dedicated to supplies is perfectly adequate and handily located and out-of-sight.


It felt good to get it cleaned out and taken care of.



~ Happy Eleven-Year-Old ~


On Monday my husband taught our eleven-year-old how to mow the lawn – with the riding lawn mower. We have an acre lot, so even with a riding lawn mower, it still takes a good 40 minutes to mow.

My oldest was thrilled. With his hat and sunglasses, tooling along, he definitely looked older. This has been a fun year to see him grow take on responsibility willingly and capably.



~ Funny Four-Year-Old ~

So it was quiet time. My four-year-old had finished his book on the couch and started following about 4 inches behind me everywhere I went, chattering about this and that. Finally, I pulled a book packed with pictures off the shelf and said, “Here, Knox, I think you’ll like this book.”

“What is it?” he asked. “Read it.” I said. “No, what is it called?” he asked.” “Read it.” I said. “I can’t!” he protested. “It says ‘Usborne Illustrated Encyclopedia.'” I told him.

“Oh!” he exclaimed, interested, “Is that Spanish?”



~ Real Pantry Cleaning Bonus ~

I didn’t intend to clean up the pantry this weekend, though it was on my mental “I should do that soonish” list. But, we went grocery shopping and as I looked at my bags and the shelf, I realized that it made most sense to do it before putting away the groceries I’d just brought in. So out came everything.

Taking everything out is a great organization strategy. This time, “everything” ended up including a forgotten (only 3 month old) chocolate bar!


It was a good decision to clean out the pantry over the weekend.

It’s good to look back over the week and see what was done, because the temptation is always to see the things that I didn’t do.


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    ooo, the clean cupboard was inspiring!

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