Convivial Contentment: First Day of School Edition

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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

round button chicken

It is our first week back to school!



~Pretty Clipboards ~

homeschool clipboard 

I love the “fresh and new” of a new school year – especially new lists.


homeschool morning time

~ Happy Students ~


“Happy” might be taking it a bit too far, but for the most part I do think everyone is more pleased to have direction and productive and constructive things to do.

It sure does fill up the day, though, and use up all my inner resources! Whew!

One afternoon I took 5 minutes, closed and locked my bedroom door, put an eye mask on, stuck in sound-reducing headphones (not hooked up to anything), and laid on my bed – yes, only 5 minutes. Five blessed minutes of zero sensory input.

I was really surprised how refreshed I felt when I came back into the fray. It was exactly what I needed.




~ Funny Mom ~


I “won”’s addition level, proving to my children that yes, it is possible. I did all the addition facts correctly in under 3 seconds each.

I started keeping everyone’s high score on our chore board in May, and decided I should do it, too.

I’ve done the subtraction level once now and only scored 87, but I’m hoping to ace it tomorrow.



~ Real Living ~


A tool used gets worn and used. Our house is a tool, not a showpiece, and it’s being used. It’s all good. And afternoon EHAP saves our bacon, my sanity, our tool’s readiness.


  1. Catharina
    | Reply

    Five blessed minutes of zero sensory input. That’s so funny. And familiar.

    Great job on the addition facts and on a great start of the new school year!

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