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round button chicken

Another week, and I actually remembered to take a few pictures! This weekly feature is a good reminder and motivator for me to pull out my camera, because otherwise I rarely would. And I do like having pictures of ordinary days.

Pretty Curls

Just recently it seems like Geneva’s hair has burst into curl! I love it.

Happy Spring Math

Happy might be putting it a bit too strong, but the boys were grateful for a day to work on their math outside this week.

Unfortunately, it did not seem to help them complete it any faster. Turns out there are a lot of interesting things to stare at outside.

Funny Circle Time

I’m afraid we might have a drama queen on our hands.

Here she is rejoicing in the start of the music for Circle Time, reminding her mother of her Pentecostal childhood.

You can tell in her expression that she knows how funny she’s being. And she has a very appreciative, responsive audience of siblings. Ok, yes, and mother.

Real Organized. Right?

I took some quick photos to use for the cover of my free ebook (A Quickstart Guide to GTD for Moms) and my Goolge+ profile page. To me, this picture says, “Here’s to a great day!” I’ve got my paperless planning and my index card (if you missed it, I have a video about my index card). My iPod is my carry-everywhere brain and ubiquitous capture device.

Now, all I have to do is actually look at the things in the midst of the day! Turns out that it’s no good having lists if you don’t look at them.

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  1. Von
    | Reply

    Nothing wrong and a lot right with some exuberance now and then. Go, Geneva!

  2. Stephanie
    | Reply

    Yes! Family makes the best audience ever! Your daughter is so cute! God Bless!

  3. Sarah Mackenzie
    | Reply

    Geneva! She’s adorable. :) I had a Pentecostal childhood too, so I’m feeling it. ;) glad you are getting some sunshine! And I’m really enjoying the images of your ordinary. :)

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