Convivial Contentment: Ready for spring

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Is it spring yet? The daffodils are up. We’re having more sunny days than cloudy. The trees are starting to get little leaf buds, and I’ve seen blooming dogwoods (mine isn’t blooming yet, though).

So, does that mean school is nearly over? Because I am seriously looking forward to the hard reset that a long break and planning revamp gives.
Eight more weeks for us, with a week of break coming up soon. The countdown can begin, as far as I am concerned. :)

enjoy homeschooling

Pretty with popcorn

We had popcorn for a snack and Geneva plopped right down where she was on the floor as soon as she got her little bowl.

Of course, sweeping was mandatory after said snack, but I had to do so uncomplainingly since I got to indulge my own popcorn craving and many of the dropped kernels were my own. Oops.

enjoy homeschooling

She also gives me this look all the time and I find it both comical and disturbing. She evaluates, and is not always pleased with what she sees.

Sixteen months have flown by. But I do enjoy this age.

homeschool planning

Happy to plan

Time to start making plans for next year! It’s taken me a bit longer to get into it this year, but now I’m in full swing. I started over a month ago and put myself off it for awhile by looking at junior high (starting summer 2015) and how old everyone will be (and what stage they’ll be in) as my oldest moves through the junior high and high school stage. I managed to shake off the panic, though, and stop borrowing another year’s trouble.

Plus I got a boost by getting a copy of Pam’s pretty new planning sheets, which she is giving away for free! I’m not usually into printables, but these are editable pdfs. I’ve never worked with editable pdfs, but it’s so nice to have my planning pages all colorful and already laid out instead of my typical boring old tables in a word processor document. I loved the goals sheet, which she wrote about yesterday (she and I are on the same page there); today she also has a video showing how to use an editable pdf . Very helpful.

Of course I am saving my sheets into Evernote, because paperless planning is kinda my thing. It’s just tickling me pink that even so, my planning sheets can be cute. :)

homeschool planning

Pam’s sheet for term overviews had 4 terms listed, but we have 6, so I asked (yes, she says if you buy her expansion pack for only $3.99, you can request custom pages!) and the next day she sent me a term overview sheet with 6 columns. Awesome.

I’ll show you more screenshots when I’m ready to start sharing our plans. I am still in the sketchy phase, but nearing the book-list-making phase, which is almost as fun as the phase where the book boxes start arriving at our door.

I’m going to have 3 1/2 students (because my 4 year old is reading and won’t be left out) and a toddler. Eek!

Funny on the reading couch

enjoy homeschooling

The other day Knox’s Bob book to read was Muff and Ruff. He read the cover out loud and then looked up at me intently.

“I like the name Muff, Mom. It’s close to muffin.”

He is such a character.

Real in play

enjoy homeschooling

So there were four little girls and one little boy playing Playmobil at the table. Ilse has a kitchen set and a school set with a carrying case (I went to link it and saw it’s on sale at a great price), so of course they were playing family. Oh my goodness. It was 3pm on a Friday and, for my own sanity, I simply had to intervene:

“It sounds like your little girls need to be taught how not to whine and throw fits. If you can’t teach them how to play together cheerfully, then we’re going to have to put them away.”

I am such a mean mom. But it worked. And, I think it’s good for them: what they play, they are practicing.

Another week nearly over. Another week closer to the end of the year. We can make it!

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    Planning next year always gives me a little boost at the end of the year, too.

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