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We start school next week, so easy summer living is drawing to a close for us. Hans returns from a week-long build-your-own-shelter & cook-everything-over-your-campfire camp today, so we’ll be spending the weekend washing his laundry, hearing his stories, and transitioning him back to normal life. It could possibly be a rough Monday, but I am definitely at the “what we all need is a steady routine!” phase of the summer.


Behold, how good and lovely it is when brothers dwell together in unity. This particular incident was a lead-up to our re-institution of quiet time. We had fallen out of the habit, but I realized that it really is a survival strategy for us all. It is the 6-year-old and 4-year-old who need the most convincing, and audio books did the heavy work for me. Here they’re sharing the same iPod, each with one earbud, listening to Curious George.

I can’t believe I ever thought last year we’d do fine without quiet time.


enjoy homeschooling

enjoy homeschooling

Ilse arranged a little blanket story time outside for everyone last week, and even the cats decided to join. Knox read them all a book or two as they sat under the tree. Pretty cute.

At the time, Jaeger was spending the day with his grandma. I have noticed this last week that the younger set are a lot more creative in their play when the older ones aren’t around, even though I don’t usually notice too much interference on their part. I suppose that when the younger ones get a good play going, then the older ones want in on it and take it over, most likely. And, usually, the younger ones just want to do whatever the big kids are doing. Having to come up with their own games was a good thing for the 6-and-under crowd at our house this week!

Family dynamics are fascinating.


enjoy homeschooling

enjoy homeschooling

Pardon the iPod photo, but it had to happen. My goodness. How is it not obvious that a polo shirt is on backwards?

I swear I can be getting breakfast on, hear a boy – any boy – come down the stairs and – without skipping a beat or looking up – just say, “Turn your shirt the right way.”

It’s worse than shoes on the wrong feet.


toddler homeschooling

toddler homeschooling

Geneva decided I was really not an adequately fun mom, nor did I subscribe to the right Pinterest boards. She was left to create her own sensory play – and who really needs a bin? Snack time, play time, busy-body-ness all wrapped into one ginormous mess. Perfect toddler activity.

Yeah, it’s ok. I tell her I’m into self-directed learning. I even tried handing her the little dustpan, which she loved, but I revoked that when I realized I didn’t want her eating off of it.

I think our school year plan will involve the pack-n-play.

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    Aw! I love these posts. Living the real life; isn’t is glorious;)

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