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Desiring the Kingdom Book Club

This week we’re discussing the first part of chapter 1, pages 37-46, about anthropology, or What is Man? in Desiring the Kingdom by James K.A. Smith

Summary: Is Man Rational or Affective?

educational strategies that traffic only in ideas often fail to actually educate; that is, they fail to form people.

We are what we love, more than we are what we think, and our loves are shaped by our actions, our lifestyles, because that is how we learn who we are and what the world is about. We are unavoidably religious creatures, and we all have an ultimate aim, whether we are conscious of it or not, that directs our choices and our affections.

What we need to tap in education is the heart, as well as the mind. We need to consider how our children orient themselves to the world, how we orient ourselves to the world.


ideas, fed somewhat intravenously into the mind through the lines of propositions and information

is ineffective because it ignores the core of who we are: a whole, embodied person, mind, body, and soul.

I loved this statement on page 46:

I want to articulate a more robustly Augustinian anthropology that sees humans as most fundamentally oriented and identified by love.

Discussion: Anthropology-Shaped Pedagogy

What are some educational practices that you think are based on a faulty concept of what man is, what people are?

Further Book Club Conversation

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Next week: more of chapter 1, pages 46-63

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