Five Tips for Making Room: Extras are Riches

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Today’s post in the Planning with the Scholé Sisters series is from Brandy on how to fit in the extras, and why they are necessary.

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I think that, culturally, we are finally moving away from the conception that the so-called “Three R’s” are what a good, solid, simple education should look like. I’m glad because, taken alone, the Three R’s are about as boring and utilitarian as you can get. When I think of my own life as a student — and do you ever do this? do you ever take the time to remember what it was like for you back when you were in their shoes? — all the extra stuff really shines.

Now, I don’t mean projects. I don’t mean building models of the solar system or creating a diorama to illustrate my very boring history textbook.


I mean the stuff that the schools these days are most likely to cut due to budget issues — music, art, drama, etc.

Some people call these things “enrichment” and I have a love/hate relationship with that term. On the one hand, these things do, literally, make one rich. But on the other hand, the word has come to be synonymous with the idea of easily discarded extras. They’re the things that we get to, when or if we ever have time.

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