Get Organized with Simplified Organization: Progress Report

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If you’ve been trying to get organized with the Simplified Organization Course, I’d love to hear what you’ve been working on specifically this month and where you’ve seen progress.

During our live Q&A chat in October we chatted a bit about brain dump lists, and so I recorded a quick video covering the essential points I had to make about that. The next live chat for course members is scheduled for Monday, October 13, at 2pm Pacific Time. Add it to your calendar and make sure you’re in the Google+ community to get notifications!


Remember as you work through the material that it is more important to make slow and lasting change than to power through the content and just get it all in your head. Over the next month, really zone in on one concept to work out from your mind through your fingers and mouth. For me in October, that will be expressing gratitude and appreciation to my family members and working more on working alongside them on the same team rather than working on my own things and in my own head in the same room.

Honest moment: Evening review was the interval habit I said I wanted to work on this interval, but I haven’t done it a single time this month! I didn’t tie it to a certain time or trigger and I also didn’t outline what exactly I would start with and what would “count” as an evening review, and so making it a habit goal almost shut down my ability to do it at all. But, it’s all a learning experience. To get it in, I need a specific and short list of what needs to happen during that time and I need to tie it to a certain event already happening in our routine – probably as soon as I’m done sweeping or after kissing the younger set good night.

If you’ve written or want to write in the next week about how you’re changing and growing based on the material in the course (including the free Declutter Your Head!), I’d love to read it and share it! Please link up with the link below:

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