Top Ten Gifts for the Home Cook

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We make our Christmas shopping lists for others, but sometimes the hardest one to make is one for ourselves! If your family is pestering you for a wish list this Christmas season, here are my top ten gift recommendations for the home cook. If you’d like more ideas, you can also check out my top ten practical gifts for homemakers and top ten gifts for an organization junkie.

If you or someone you know enjoys spending time in the kitchen – or wants to! – then here are my top ten ideas for Christmas gifting.

1. Misto

I love my Misto! It’s great for greasing pans and spraying veggies before roasting.

2. Knife & wooden cutting board

A good knife is the most essential kitchen tool.

3. Whisks

Ever since I saw a flat whisk for the first time on Pioneer Woman years ago, I’ve been collecting whisks. A utensil jar full of an assortment of whisks would make a great gift!

4. Cute apron

A cute apron is an essential in my book, also.

5. Cast-iron griddle

I love my cast-iron griddle, as I’ve written before, and it’s a great tool to gift.

6. Immersion blender

An immersion blender makes short work of smooth soups, sauces, and dips.

7. Dutch oven

A Dutch oven is the perfect dish for simple, no-knead artisan bread.

8. Nice lotion

Lots of cooking and hand-washing means dry skin. A nourishing soap and healthy lotion – and maybe cute dish-washing gloves – will help heal cracked hands.


I particularly recommend the products at Third Day Naturals. A sample soap pack and some lip balms would make the perfect stocking stuffer. And, they are offering a 15% off your entire purchase with the code TDNgifts through the end of December, plus they always have free priority shipping on orders over $35.

9. Silpats

Another way to cut down on the over-washed hands is to invest in silicone baking mats so you don’t have to scrub those pans so often!

10. Kitchen mat

Standing to chop and stir or wash dishes can result in fatigue, especially if you have a hard kitchen floor. A kitchen mat reduces fatigue and muscle ache from time spent standing in the kitchen.

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