Learning to Love What Must Be Done: September Progress Report

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I am so excited to start this monthly link-up series where you can have a chance to share how you’re implementing Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done. Getting organized is a lifelong endeavor, not a quick-fix project.

Part of finding joy and satisfaction in our work at home is stopping to evaluate our progress. It’s easy to find yourself elbow-high in daily details, feeling like a failure. But if we can pause and look back, I think we’ll see slow but steady growth and progress.

So here’s the opportunity to hit that pause button and look at what you have done this last month that has brought you to a better place. Don’t think about what you wish you had done or what you didn’t do, but what you have done. Little steps will add up, so don’t discount them!


My September Progress Report

August was a month of preparation, really. I prepared to launch Simplified Organization and did that. I prepared to start school by actually starting the plans and seeing where they need to be tweaked. And this last week I shoveled through much of the backlog of housework and piles that accrued while my attention was focused on those two priorities.

The house still isn’t in the state I’d like it to be for our full-start school year this week, but it’ll do and I can continue to chip away at it.

Finishing up the course forced me to finalize and finish my weekly plan template and I’ve found it to be quite useful with my clipboard and daily index card plan.

Looking forward

So, in this next month, what is the one thing you are going to do that will move you forward?

For me, it will be building the habit of the simple evening review to keep my lists current, journal our family & school progress, and mentally prepare for the next day.

Share your progress report!

In the comment section, tell me what progress you made since beginning the course and what one thing you will be working on this next month. If you want to post about it, especially if you have pictures, please do and link up below! I’d love to see how it’s going!

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