Start the Year Well: Clear your head with a brain dump

As the holidays wind down, the crazy schedules should let up and let us catch our breath. But if we were whirling all month from thing to thing, trying to track presents and events and guests and extra baking and so much more, we feel more like crashing than catching anything.

Even though much is over, there’s now a new year approaching and thoughts of self-improvement and resolutions can hardly be fought off.

Don’t fight off those thoughts, but don’t start with them, either. Before you can set realistic or intentional goals for the upcoming year, you need to start with an empty head.

Before you can set realistic or intentional goals for the upcoming year, you need to start with an empty head.

Write it all down and get all your swirling, swimming thoughts out of your head and onto paper.

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SO020: Start with a Brain Dump

When you take some time over the course of a week or so and just start jotting down everything that’s on your mind, you’ll start clearing mental space so you can think about what’s on your mind instead of merely having the bits of information and pressure be tossed around in a jumble.

In fact, I have a free guide that will lead you through the process of a thorough brain dump. I’ll give you assignments and questions that will help you get everything out of your head so you can start the year with intentional plans rather than vague obligations.

To start your brain dump, simply grab a notebook or loose paper, your favorite pen, and a clear table to sit at. Just start listing out anything and everything that pops into your head as you think about what’s on your mind. What do you have to do? What do you want to do? What do you think you should want to do? What needs to fixed around the house? What improvements do you hope to make to your home or to yourself and your routines? What do the kids need? What do you need?

Etc. Etc. Etc.

As things come to you, write them down without a filter. Filter them, process them, delete as many as you can later – but let it all flow out of your head, through your hand, onto the paper at this point. Unstop the dam and let it all go.

You’ll be amazed at how simply writing it all out will calm you down and bring you clarity.


I've learned there are a few support systems that really help any organizational, motivational, or intentional goal stick. These five things will help you start your new year well.


### [5 Things You Need to Start the Year Well](http://www.simplifiedorganization.com/2014/5-ways-to-start-new-year-well)

1. Brain Dump
2. Interval Plan
3. Home Routines
4. Keystone Habits
5. Task Management


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