Simple Systems: Kids’ Pay Day Binder

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This year’s series is Simple Systems: 31 Small Ways to Reduce Decision Fatigue.

Setting up simple systems will make life run more smoothly. It might even help things get done and put in their homes. That’s the goal anyway.

Do you pay your kids for their chores or give them a weekly allowance? It’s so hard to be consistent with pay day! Organizing the weekly allowance process is essential to make it fast and simple – and thus more likely to happen.

Simple Home System: Kids’ Pay Day Management Binder

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Organize the weekly allowance process to make it consistent and quick

Organizing Weekly Allowance Time

Streamline the kids’ weekly allowance process to make it consistent and quick

We pay our children for select assigned chores (not all), but I have always struggled with keeping coins and cash on hand, with having places for the multiple containers (savings, spending, tithe – times 4, and someday times 5!), and with keeping the children from just playing with and losing their spending money.

I didn’t want a special kit like the very cool-looking Dave Ramsey Junior Financial Peace system, and I tried several self-cooked set-ups. This one has stuck, though, and really does make the process quick and painless.


Pieces of this system

The coin purse is for spending money, the smaller pencil pouch is for savings, and both go inside the binder pencil pouch, which is inserted into the 3-ring binder. You’ll have as many of these pouches as you have children on the payroll.

As money is earned apart from their weekly job, it is deposited for safe-keeping into the child’s binder pouch. This has significantly cut down on the number of quarters going through my washing machine!

Saturday is pay day for chores at our house, so I pull the binder off the shelf and sit down with one child at a time. We pull out any coins earned during the week and then I hand them their weekly pay (based on their daily chores). They take some off the top for offering at church (at least 10%, but we round up based on the coins they have), then split the remainder between spending and saving. If it’s an odd number of quarters or bills, we don’t make change, I just let them decide which category gets the extra. The spending money goes into the coin purse and the savings into the pencil pouch and all of it goes back into their binder pouch, safe and secure.

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Do you pay your kids for their chores?

Simple Systems

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4 Responses

  1. Edwena
    | Reply

    Would love to hear more on what chores you pay for and how much as well as what chores you just expect.

    • Mystie
      | Reply

      How much and what chores vary for each family; there’s not a right way or a right amount. Generally chores here are 50-cents, but done daily. And there are opportunities for bigger jobs worth more (like raking leaves) that aren’t regular or required.

      We don’t pay the kids for general tidying or pitching in that I ask them to do or for cleaning up after themselves (bedrooms, teeth brushing, etc.)

      I have a post at my other blog about what chores our kids do:

  2. Toni
    | Reply

    My kids are still too little for an allowance or to be paid for chores, but this binder/pencil pouch/coin purse idea is genius! I just set one up for my 3 kids as a place to keep birthday and Tooth Fairy money – all in one spot, easy to grab when I go to the bank, plus it will be easy to dispense (and collect?) the coin purses for offering money at church. Thanks so much!

  3. Adriana
    | Reply

    Trying to simplify my chore system. The money part isn’t our issue its the keeping a record of what chores they did and then paying them consistently. Someone suggested a flat fee per child but I was going to add up their usual chores and round up. Can you speak to that a little?

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