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Today Sarah is sharing about what she’s learned about Planning with an Open Hand. If you’ve read Teaching from Rest, then you know she has a lot of wisdom to share on this topic even while being knee-deep in living this out.

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There is no foolproof way to homeschool, and though we may try to delude ourselves into thinking otherwise, we aren’t in control. (Thank goodness!)

I have a tendency to live in my ideals. I picture our ideal day, week, or term, and then I feel chronically disappointed because it never becomes my reality. I’m tight-fisted. I cling ruthlessly to my own vision and fail to recognize that the beauty is in the muddle.

What it really boils down to is a lack of humility and a failure to see that God is glorified even when the day looks nothing like it did when I mapped it out on paper. I’m so intent on having things go my way that I don’t leave room for Him to turn the whole thing on its head and do with it what He wills.

How do we open our fist? How do we teach from rest, willing to receive anything He hands us?

Head on over to Amongst Lovely Things to read the rest.

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  1. Jennifer G
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    My biggest challenge right now is working with my toddler. My oldest is in public school for now (working on hubs), but I have all day for hands-on with his little brother. If I can get a good schedule with little one, hubs will feel more confident in my ability to homeschool both of them.

  2. julie
    | Reply

    Always looking for planning help!

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