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October is almost here, and that means it’s almost time for another 31 Days series! I’m really excited about the series that’ll be happening next month. A number of the posts that will come next month are ones I’ve been wanting to add so I have a single link to answer specific, practical questions I often get. Here at Simply Convivial, I’ll be doing 31 Days of Homeschool Lists.

Organize your homeschool lists

Broad, fun, and right up my alley. I am, after all, a compulsive list-maker. There will be book lists, job lists, task lists, checklists, idea lists, digital lists, and paper-based lists. It’ll be a very practical, down-to-earth month here.

And once again I’m doing two 31 Days series! This year the other one is not at Simple Pantry Cooking, but at Simplified Organization, where I’ll be sharing Simple Home Systems that will give you some creative ideas for reducing decision fatigue and being purposeful and creative in your productivity.

Those posts will be short and super practical, applicable whether you homeschool or not.

Here are some of the other series I know are coming:

Busted: 31 Days of CM Myths

Brandy says blog-reading counts as a self-education track, so it’ll be a rich month!


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Also, if you haven’t yet signed up for the free email series Declutter Your Head, you’ll want to check that out, too.

I’ve been asked a few times whether to work through Declutter before any of the course modules in the Simplified Organization course. If you’re taking the self-paced course, don’t worry about Declutter Your Head. The course includes the same information in baby-steps with more detail, so don’t overwhelm yourself with two sources of task direction. I’ve also been receiving lots of emails asking about the GTD for Homemakers ebook. The essential parts of that book are in the new email series, condensed and more actionable. All the content, fleshed out better, and more content besides, is within the Simplified Organization course. The course really makes the information much more manageable and doable to wade through than it was in the ebook form, and it also focuses more on our mindset and attitude as we do what we do.

So stay tuned in October for practical ideas that are grounded in keeping a good attitude as we implement them!

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  1. Sarah Hopkins
    | Reply

    Good morning, Mystie! I feel like all I do is bother you on Mondays anymore…:)

    I’m wondering where this post actually is on your blog? It showed up this morning on my iPod in my feed reader (Newsify) as a new post, but when I click on the home page of your blog from my laptop, it doesn’t show up there. I had to search for it using “31 days” and then it showed up, so I’m guessing it’s not linked to your home page? In fact, if I type in “Simply Convivial blog” from Google and go to the link “simplyconvivial.com,” the first post I see is from September 4.


    Okay, I just opened a new browser (Internet Explorer), went to your home page, and the 31 Days post came up first followed by all your other posts in proper order. This is a Chrome issue. Weird! Now I know it’s not my imagination that I keep missing your posts if I use Google Chrome. I wonder if anyone else experiences this with Google Chrome?

    And BTW, I’m excited about the 31 Days series–all of them, yours and other bloggers. :)

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      It might have been because the page was cached and if you hit the reload button it would come up. It’s showing in my Chrome. However, I noticed it went to the feed earlier than it posted – I have no idea why. I wrote it last week and scheduled it. Hopefully that won’t keep happening all month!

  2. kortney
    | Reply

    you’re right, it’s going to be a rich month. looking forward to both!

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