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weekend reads link up

My latest habit of making a “weekend reads” post has ended up taking a lot of work; more than is regularly sustainable for me, I think. But I do want to be able to share great things around the internet I’ve been reading and I also want to share our current reading because people are always wondering about book recommendations for kids.

So, instead of putting all of that into one post every single week, I’m going to post “A Reading Life” with our book lists one week and then “Weekend Reads” the next, alternating. Also, I’m not going to include the link-up anymore, either. If you’d like to share what you’re reading, though, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Books make the best birthday presents

Jaeger turned 9 this week and got some great books for his birthday. I make it a point to include at least one book in a birthday present pile, but this year Jaeger got 4.

On his list (and if a boy has three specific books on his birthday wish list, how can I not indulge that?!) were

He loves Eyewitness books, and these we do not have and neither did the library. So I checked and sure enough there were used copies of each on Amazon for under $5. We do not disdain used books as gifts in our family, not one bit.

Then I surprised him with N.D. Wilson’s latest young adult novel:

After he opened his presents and went off to play with the toys and his friend and brother, I picked up the book and didn’t hardly move for 3 hours. Boys of Blur is a quick read, but a simply great story. Absolutely amazing read for a 9yo (more because of situation & intensity than difficulty) boy or an almost-32-year-old mom. I did advise both my boys, however, to not read it at bedtime, both for the weird dream factor and simply because they would stay up reading too late and regret it the next day. It would make great vacation reading for anyone with a double-digit age.

And now that I’ve said so, I’m guessing Jaeger’s going to get requests from his grandpa and uncle to loan out his birthday present when he’s done with it.

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    Thanks for the recommendation, Mystie! I’m always on the lookout for good books for my boys. BTW, purchased the mop this week. I’m hoping to try it out today. I hope it transforms my life!;)

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