A Reading Life: Ready to Start School

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Well, Hans is back from his international (Canadian) adventures, and I swear he grew two inches. Maybe I should measure my children. Anyway, he’s back full of swagger and confidence, and though it might have been born of having to secure the camp site and be evacuated due to lightening and 60-mile-an-hour-winds, or learning canoeing and marksmanship, I think it might also be from the manly road trip where he sat in the front seat of a pick-up with his counselor (and elder) listening to Harry Potter on audio.

I’m going to have to get Harry Potter book 3 from the library now, because they didn’t quite get to finishing it.

I don’t really have much other reading updates, though Jaeger did read at least 5 books this last week. We’re in the bustle to get school ready to roll on Monday. So I mostly just wanted to share a Saturday shelfie:


The boys might feel obligated to groan when I say we’ll be starting school up again Monday, but their eyes lit up when they saw the newly populated shelf, full of fresh material.

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    Where do you buy most of your history books? Do you have a rule for determining which ones you buy and which ones you borrow from the library?

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