Review: Silicone Baking Cups by The New York Baking Company

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I was sent this set of dozen reusable muffin liners, also known as silicone baking cups, by The New York Baking Company for review purposes. I admit I was a little skeptical. I had purchased a different brand of silicone baking cups a few years ago and they were disappointing.

This set from The New York Baking Company arrived, and I was prepared to be disappointed again, because this set is thinner than the other set I own.

Silicone muffin liners are surprisingly easy to clean and can also be used for a lot more than just baking.

Well, it turns out, that is the key to them working so much better! My older ones are too thick to be flexible and to pop muffins out. With these silicone baking cups, however, the muffins started coming out nearly voluntarily as I was getting them onto the cooling rack!

The other set I own is also surprisingly difficult to clean, which is the death-toll for them. This set claims to be dishwasher safe, so I popped them in the dishwasher, expecting them to fly around in there and collect dirty water and just generally remain crumby, but lo and behold! They emerged clean! They needed a few minutes on a towel on the counter to finish drying completely, but they went straight from people’s dinner plates into the dishwasher and emerged spotless!

I am hooked.

The colors are bright; my children loved the colors. The muffins popped right out without leaving hardly a trace in the cup.

For our family of seven, I often make muffins 2-3 dozen at a time. I am going to purchase another set or two of this brand, because they really do work, they really are dishwashable, and they save the waste and continual expense of paper muffin liners.

Silicone muffin liners are surprisingly easy to clean and can also be used for a lot more than just baking.

You can use reusable baking cups for more than muffins!

  • serve snacks likes nuts or cereals or berries in them
  • make individual jello servings in them
  • use them in lunch boxes to separate foods
  • let the baby play with them in the kitchen

If you don’t have or hate washing muffin tins, you can even line up sturdy baking cups like this and bake muffins on a cookie sheet.

I do recommend The New York Baking Company’s silicone baking cups for their non-stick properties, their ease of use, and their eye-catching colors.

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4 Responses

  1. Hannah VW
    | Reply

    Great info. I’ve always been suspect of these silicone muffin cups, but strangely attracted too, because I hate to buy papers and I also hate to wash the pans.
    I will definitely be putting this on my kitchen wish list.

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      Hi Hannah! Yeah, I was really surprised that the dishwasher really did clean them, too.

  2. stephanie
    | Reply

    We have a couple sets that I bought at Joann’s years ago and my biggest use for them is for dipping cups for my munchkins. When they have something to dip into ketchup or dressing or whatever (even syrup if we’re having something that french toast sticks or waffles cut in strips), they love to have their dip contained in these so it doesn’t pollute the rest of their food. : ) Mine are almost worn out so I might need to look into these for a replacement someday. : )

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