Simple Meals for Homeschool Days

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Dinner has to happen every day, whether we’re ready or not. I’ve had to seriously simplify this part of my day, and here are the go-to meals I’ve made a regular part of our rotation.

I love to make lists. I even have lists of the lists I have made and want to make. So, why not share all (well, some) of those lists during The Nester’s 31 Days series? Yes, 31 days of homeschool lists. It’ll be a ton of fun if you love lists as much as I do.

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Dinner has to happen every day, whether we’re ready or not. I’ve had to seriously simplify this part of my day, and here are the go-to meals I’ve made a regular part of our rotation

Quick, Simple, Healthy Meals for Homeschool Days

The thing that really makes a meal take less energy is being able to go into autopilot to put it on the table and to know how to flex the meal to work with what you have on hand. For most dinners, exact proportions don’t matter too much, and you can add diced zucchini to almost anything or simply use the amount of onion that suits your family’s taste. Go with your tastes and your supply and practice-into-habit a few basic meal types so you can vary dinner without recipe-browsing and reading and thinking through instructions the whole time.

These are my go-to meals:

  • Skillet chicken, either potatoes mashed or roasted or pasta tossed with butter and cheese, and a green salad
  • Homemade “no mess” (i.e. no sauce) pan pizza & salad (and no-crust pizza for me)
  • Potato hash with either ground beef or sausage (or sausage and sweet potato hash is a great variation) with a roasted or steamed veggie
  • Frittata or oven omelette with glazed carrots and biscuits or roasted potatoes
  • Taquitos or enchiladas with leftover chicken or roast, if there is any

And I’m so happy soup season is just beginning. Soup + bread + salad is the best, especially if I can get the soup in the crockpot during breakfast.

All these are in Simplified Dinners, not surprisingly. It really is the primary dinner-creation method I use every week. I rarely have to pull it out any more, because most of them are internalized now, but I know my handy reference is there if I’m totally brain-dead.

Make This List Useful For You

By 4 or 5 in the afternoon, I often don’t have enough creative energy left to make dinner the way I used to. Dinner – or any kind of cooking or baking – can be a creative outlet, but sometimes there are seasons where that’s not what works anymore. It’s ok, and it is likely only a season.

To get through a season like that, take as much of the thinking out of the process as possible and don’t feel bad about serving nearly the same things every week. Ma didn’t serve much variety, either. Changing up small details like the sort of marinade used for chicken can add variety while still keeping the process untaxing.

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  2. Leslie
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    Simplified Dinners is one of my favorite ebooks EVER!!! Thanks you for this wonderful resource.

  3. Heather M
    | Reply

    No idea why, but this page is the only one that comes up if I visit your site from the web. I almost missed the rest of your 31 day series but a different blog linked to you. I do read from my phone not sure if that’s the issue. I loved your series thanks for the work!

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