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Today on Simplified Organization: One easy way to make getting out the door less stressful, easier, and quicker.

One topic every single day in October. Fun stuff. This year’s series is Simple Systems: 31 Small Ways to Reduce Decision Fatigue.

Setting up simple systems will make life run more smoothly. It might even help things get done and put in their homes. That’s the goal anyway.

Simple Home System: Keeping bags packed and ready to go

Get out the door quicker, easier, and with less stress. Keeping various bags ready for regular activities will get you there with ease.

Keeping separate bags already packed for regular activities will make it easier to start.

Often starting is the hardest part of any activity. If it’s a craft project, there’s the getting-out of the materials, the remembering where you were and what you were doing, and just orienting yourself to the project again. Sometimes “starting” means getting out the door, and that’s insanely difficult sometimes – and sometimes it isn’t. You never know when someone will not be able to find their shoes or when there will be a last-minute diaper blowout – in the carseat.

So if there are any ways that we can make starting a hobby or getting out the door smoother, we should take them.

Here’s one simple way:

Dedicate a bag for the particular activity you’re trying to streamline, whether it’s crafting or getting to church or heading off to an activity. Keep it packed and ready to grab and go.

Then just store them on your launchpad shelf.

Get out the door quicker, easier, and with less stress. Keeping various bags ready for regular activities will get you there with ease.

Example 1: My church bag

I have one purple tote which is our church bag. In it I keep notebooks and pencils for the kids to have during service, and Sunday morning I can quickly stick my Bible and notebook in with my water bottle. It also has an extra diaper for the baby and a portable pack of kleenex.

Example 2: My craft bag

I keep a heavy-duty canvas tote as a craft materials bag. Whatever is my current work-in-progress stays in there along with my organizer of crochet hooks and scissors. So if I have a chance to go somewhere or sit during a family read-aloud time, I can grab it and I know I have what I need.

Example 3: My reading bag

I like to keep the books I’m currently reading in a bag, too, along with post-its and a pencil and flags to use as bookmarks.

Example 4: A picnic bag

A friend of mine inspired this one: dedicate one bag to picnic lunches if you take the kids out to the park often (we usually do once a week when the weather is nice). For us, this bag holds a bag with plastic forks & spoons, a roll of paper towels, 5 plastic Gladware containers to use to pack kids’ lunches, the kids’ water bottles, a spare pack of wet wipes, and a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Any situation that requires supplies leaving the house with you regularly can be simply stored directly in a bag and be ready to grab and go, reducing the amount of time it takes to leave the house.

What pre-packed bags do you keep handy?

Simple Systems

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  1. Deb
    | Reply

    When the kids were younger (now 25, 23 & 15), we had bags for different activities: Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, soccer, baseball, band, etc. It sure made life easier to say, ” It’s Wednesday, grab your Girl Scout bag”.

    That habit continues today. DS23 takes community college courses and uses the gym there. He carries a book bag, lunch bag, and gym bag to campus. He doesn’t need a padlock for the college gym, but does need one for the local gym, so the gym bag holds a padlock. For his first job, he has a bag with his apron and cap, and a padlock for his employee locker to lock his wallet and phone.

    DS15 has football practice for 2 hours most weekday evenings. I pack my dinner bag and my Bilbe study tote bag. He brings his football duffle with cleats, clean shirt, extra socks, mouth guards (2), and water jug.

    Tote bags, gym bags, duffles, grocery bags…all make it easier to get out the door on time and with everything you need!

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