Simple Systems: Where do kids’ jackets go?

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Last winter we had a kid-coat disaster on our hands seemingly all the time. The coats would be strewn over the floor and all over the house, and there was always a mad hunt for everyone’s coat whenever they wanted to go play outside or when we needed to leave the house.

We needed a system.

I think as stay-at-home moms we often don’t even realize just how many draws there are on our energy, even our mental energy. Decision-making is exhausting and implementing a system means there’s less stress in that area once it’s in place. Multiple small systems can add up to a significant reduction of that burdensome drain we can feel by mid-afternoon when it feels like there’s nothing left and we don’t care any more. Or is that just me?

Simple Home System: Organize Kid Coats

The coat closet can be a disaster area as your family grows. Check out this simple solution to keep things tidy.

Set it up so kids can hang their own coats.

Our coat closet rail is so high that the kids have a hard time even getting their coats down when they are hung up; hanging their own coats up on hangers is impossible.

For a few years, with fewer and smaller children, having a basket they could just dump their coats in worked well. A toddler can put his own coat away into a basket and can pull it out, too. But with more kids and bigger kids (which means bigger coats!), we outgrew the basket method.

It was while talking with other moms one day at the park that a friend hit upon the solution for us. She had hung hooks for her kids to hang their coats on in her mudroom. I didn’t have a good spot in our mudroom or coat closet for hooks, but I thought a row of hooks sounded like a great idea. My group of friends all tossed out suggestions and we landed upon the solution: hooks in their bedrooms.

They’ve been installed for almost a year now and it has definitely worked for us. The boys have a walk-in closet, so the hooks are against the wall there. The girls have a dead space with an expanse of wall behind their door, and so my husband installed their hooks in that space. With the door open, it doesn’t even add to the visual clutter of their room – not that they really care about that.

Pieces of this system
  • Wall hooks
  • Ingenuity

Be willing to think outside conventional spaces and categories when you need a solution for stuff in your home. It doesn’t have to be something Pinterest-worthy or out of a magazine to be the perfect answer to your problem. If you have some friends you can ask to help you think of creative solutions, that is even better – just talking through the options and pros and cons helps a ton.

What unconventional storage solutions do you have in your home?

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  1. Lesley
    | Reply

    We have four seasons. The worst is spring because I need to have their winter stuff for cold days (because there is still a lot of snow on the ground) and their spring stuff for when it rains (yes they LOVE those puddles in between the snowbanks) and everything comes in soaking wet and muddy for at least a month or two. We have done the same thing. A row of hooks for tall guys and a row of hooks for short guys then another row for good coats and a friendly reminder by the door to not leave your coat on the floor. And I have donated much space to shelves of boots. and four of those drawers of which you speak to hats, mitts, glasses, etc. It is not pretty but it is beautifully functional!

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