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Basically, the premise of the 31 Days meme is to make a list of 31 things and then write a short post on each one for a month. I love lists, so I can’t resist.

So this month, my topic is Simple Systems: 31 Small Ways to Simplify Life.

I think as stay-at-home moms we often don’t even realize just how many draws there are on our energy, even our mental energy. Decision-making is exhausting and implementing a system means there’s less stress in that area once it’s in place. Multiple small systems can add up to a significant reduction of that burdensome drain we can feel by mid-afternoon when it feels like there’s nothing left and we don’t care any more. Or is that just me?

Simple Home System: Portable Command Center

Make a portable command center - grab and go means less stress when plans change. You'll have everything you need when you need it.
## My teacher bag makes any surface an instant office desk.

I have a basic craft bag I once purchased at WalMart. It is sturdy and open with many pockets and compartments. Its spaces never really fit any of my crafts very well, but now I’ve found an unconventional use that fits my situation perfectly!

I use it to store my pens, dry-erase markers, cord container; it has a slot to hold papers temporarily and anything else I want handy and accessible.

I didn’t realize how handy it would be to have a little portable “office drawer” that can move with us wherever we end up during our homeschool day. I love having everything on hand, and all corralled and ready-for-action. I don’t have a desk or office-type space on our mail level, so this tote acts as my portable desk drawer.

Make a portable command center - grab and go means less stress when plans change. You'll have everything you need when you need it.

Pieces of this system

Make This System Useful For You

The best way to make a simple system in your own home is to look at what you already have and be willing to think of unconventional uses and places for them. It doesn’t have to be something Pinterest-worthy; it just has to make your own life easier to navigate.

Do you repurpose anything in order to make your own simple system?

Simple Systems

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