Simple Systems: Socks!

Do you have a lot of socks running through your laundry system? Does matching socks and searching for lost matches drive you crazy? Here’s my solution.

During the month of October, I’m participating in The Nester’s 31 Days meme. I think it’s fun, and I always find some great new blogs and ideas from trolling the linkups entries.

This year’s series is Simple Systems: 31 Small Ways to Simplify Life.

From containing projects and other things to creating formulas for getting dressed and folding laundry, I’ll be sharing small, simple ways I reduce decision fatigue in my life at home.

Simple Home System: Sock Management

Socks can be a big laundry problem. If you are always losing socks or tired of matching what you DO find, create a simple laundry system with these tips.

Here’s how I’ve simplified our sock situation for my sanity.

Socks for seven people can be crazy-making. Sorting, matching, finding – so many socks!

I’ve made the decision to end the madness.

Each person has one type of sock only. We don’t do fun socks or colored socks or patterned socks. Everyone has a white sock and I buy them the same 8 pack. My older two boys wear the same size, so they share a type. Then they each have a sock drawer and their socks can be tossed in and grabbed without matching or sorting or worrying.

  • NO matching
  • NO missing mates
  • NO misery

I do a big weekly or twice-weekly white load, then just make piles of each person’s socks, which then get grabbed and put into the drawer – no folding together, just tossed in.

It’s great.

Dress socks are the exception, but those get kept in my drawer so they don’t get lost in the insanity that is children’s bedrooms, and I only keep 2 per child (if I keep them at all).

My own socks are the opposite: I have 2 pairs of athletic socks and then 5 pairs of identical black socks.

Pro tip: Kids as young as 3 can put on their own socks if you buy the no-show type.

Simple Systems

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