Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done

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About a year ago I started writing an ebook that I thought would simply be an expanded and improved GTD for Homemakers. The more I got into it, the more I thought an ebook really wasn’t the best way to present the material. How many ebooks do I have just sitting on my hard drive? eBooks inspire, but they aren’t handy when you want one specific piece of information or encouragement from them.

After talking it over with my husband, we turned that material (which continued to grow and expand!) into an online, self-paced ecourse: Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done. It was a lot of fun to watch it take shape as pieces kept coming together.

Organize your attitude with Simplified Organization

This course is about starting where you are, shifting your mindset, and taking small steps toward growth – no major overhauls, no life mission statement, no superficial changes.

Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done will help you recognize the truth, change your attitude, set up support systems, and make good choices about what to do moment-by-moment.

Productivity and organization talk for homeschooling moms, especially those with young children, is perplexing and often frustrating. Advice from moms who haven’t experienced it is often not applicable or practicable.

Our life at home is not the kind of world where things are often finished. You might check off “laundry” for the day, but before the day is out, there will be more dirty laundry in the hamper. You might check off “make dinner,” but dinner will have to be made again tomorrow. Not only that, but because you made dinner today, there are now dishes in the sink to wash.

How do we not sink under the weight of all the daily details? How do we lift our eyes above the mundane while still getting to the mundane necessities day in and day out?

I’ve been asking these questions for years. I don’t even know how many books I’ve read on the topic. I do know – from experience, unfortunately – that deciding housework is a necessarily evil leads to thinking housework is plain evil leads to thinking it’s not something I should be doing.

We simply must tell ourselves the truth about what we’re doing.

Get organized and stay organized with Simplified Organization.

What if repeating ourselves was actually a way we imitate and image God?

We get all frustrated as if the necessity of repetition is part of our finiteness and fallenness, but when we look to Scripture, we see that even the infinite and perfect God delights in the repeating cycle of day and night, of seasons, of sustaining the world today in the same way as He has since the beginning. On top of that, we see that He repeats Himself to us, as well, giving us story after story, example after example, admonition after admonition, patient hearing after patient hearing.

Perhaps there is actually glory in repetition, if we had the eyes to see it.

All these little, trivial details often wear us down. But perhaps that is because we are operating under a false paradigm, one that does not see how much repetition (breath in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out) is woven into existence itself.

If we want things all done, over, ended, is that not in a way wishing for death? Life is not only full of, but built with and upon, repeated actions and processes, change upon change.

Every morning when we get up and make our beds, we are making a statement to ourselves: I am the sort of person to brings order from chaos, who cares for her environment, who beautifies what she touches. Every evening when we clean the kitchen after dinner, we are making those same statements again. Every time we perform any act of housework, this is what we are saying, what we are living.

Learning to love what must be done is not only 1) knowing what must be done, and 2) learning why it must be done, but also 3) feeling affection for and delight in the what and the why.

I hope you will work through finding that delight with me in my new course, Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done.

It is possible. It is worth it. You can do it.


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