Simplified Organization Video Tutorial: Best Collaboration Apps

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Collaboration apps are the modern day village. Easily get set up with apps that will help you with all aspects of virtually scheduling your days.As you can tell from today’s hangout, collaboration and apps are two topics that Mystie and I love to chat about. Apps are the modern-day village well for moms who have chosen to stay at and work from home. Alone in the burbs, we can use tools like Facebook, Voxer, and Google to connect, complete projects, brainstorm, and get creative — all without leaving hearth and home.

This past year I have collaborated on starting a classical homeschool co-op, running a scouting troop, family picnics and parties, graphics work for clients and countless blogging projects. As a busy mom, I rarely have time to schedule a face-to-face meeting to get things done. That is where these apps are an absolute life-saver.

Best Collaboration Apps

Being able to open a spreadsheet and edit together in real-time, makes daunting tasks like planning a year’s worth of science and history supplies for an eight-family co-op seem easy. Being able to work together–apart and on my own terms– means I get to bring my talents to the table and still be with my family. Love it!

So grab a cold drink and enjoy as we dish all the best collaboration apps.

In this hangout Pam and Mystie discuss:

  • Google Drive – An online storage facility and a suite of apps that allow you to collaborate with others in real-time.
  • Google Calendar – Share calendars with family, friends and groups.
  • Voxer – Send and receive walkie-talkie-like messages. It’s like text for voice!
  • iMessage – Apple’s messaging app for mobile device and Macs.
  • Google Hangouts – Text and video chat via Google. Apps for mobile devices and computer via web. Searchable in Gmail search!!
  • Facebook – Not the Facebook of Farmville, but the Facebook of private groups, events, and chat messaging.
  • Evernote – Best for one-way sharing of notebooks. Only good for collaboration with premium program.
  • Dropbox – Online storage and sharing.
  • Box – Online storage and sharing.
  • Lift – Computer and device app for accountability and encouragement groups.

For more helpful information about Google Calendar, Gmail, and Evernote, be sure to check out Mystie’s book Paperless Home Organization. She takes you step-by-step through how to set up your own paperless home binder. A cool thing about a paperless system? It’s easy to share your info with others — a first step towards collaboration and cleaner countertops!

More with Pam:

Learn how Evernote can help you get organized. Download the free set up guide to get started today with paperless home organization.

Evernote is great for home organization!

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4 Responses

  1. Anna Mary
    | Reply

    Hello Mystie,
    Just wanted to let you know that I am LOVING the videos that you and Pam are doing. I have been busy getting my digital home management system up and running and the videos are extremely helpful. Thank you so much for them and for answering questions for me. Anna L.

    • Mystie
      | Reply

      Thanks, Anna! I’m glad the videos are helpful. They’re fun to make. :)

  2. Amber
    | Reply

    I’m enjoying the videos too!

    I’m curious – did you have a hard time “selling” these collaborative apps to the people you were collaborating with, or were they familiar with them already? So many of the homeschool moms I know are practically computer illiterate that it seems like a huge stretch to even explain some of these things, let alone get them to use them.

    And Mystie, your todo list modification that you did the short video about awhile back? It has been so helpful!! I draw your grid up on my little whiteboard that lives on the fridge instead of writing a big ol’ list of stuff want to do today and I find it so much more effective. It helps me corral how much I expect to do in a day, helps me be more orderly in how I go about what I want to get done, and keeps me from feeling overwhelmed by the number of items on the list (probably because they are both organized and fewer!) So, thanks again, you’ve really helped me out with that!

    • Pam Barnhill
      | Reply

      Amber, for me I was using SOME kind of technology to collaborate with these folks already — even if it was just Facebook chat or texting. Most seemed pretty willing to add a better tool to the arsenal to improve collaboration. It also helps that the people I use the apps with are vested heavily in our projects, so willing to do whatever it takes to help us succeed.

      I LOVE your index card on the whiteboard idea!

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