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Simplified Whole30 Daily Photo Journal

Last time, on Simplified Whole30: Day 9

Yes, I am still doing the Whole30 program! I spent several days in severe food boredom, where preparing and eating the food was bad enough, but taking (poor quality) photos of it was just too much. I did a few times, though, so I’ll catch you up on what we’ve been eating with a smattering of photos from the last few days.


Simplified Whole30 Breakfast

Eggs were my staple breakfast for years before now, but adding vegetables to breakfast is hard. The flu set me back on keeping my menu plan and preparation routine, and I am only today getting back on board with the plan. Without veggies prepped the night before, or a bag of washed greens, I’ve resorted to simply eating a raw red bell pepper or a banana. One or two days I just had eggs, like I used to, and shrugged off the veggie requirement for that meal.


Simplified Whole30 Lunch

On days without leftovers, lunch is really difficult. Saturday I came home from running errands right before lunch, there were no leftovers to be had, and I was famished. First I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids, then I looked over what I could manage. I ended up wrapping canned salmon straight into a lettuce leaf and choking it down. I also had some baby carrots and apple slices, which were also served to the children. It was tolerable. Of course it would have been better with mayo, but I just didn’t have it in me to whip up a batch. The kitchen was already a wreck.


Simplified Whole30 Dinner

I’m glad I bought a couple extra turkeys when they were on sale at Thanksgiving. This was a leftover turkey meal the day after I roasted it. Warmed up and served with a sautè of mushrooms, it was pretty good.

Simplified Whole30 Dinner

Hamburger not only without bun, but without cheese. I had hoped to have it with avocado, but they weren’t ripe.

Days 10-14 Status Update

Simplified Whole30

I was even good enough to forgo birthday cake my daughter made using The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever recipe. We’ll make it again in February for my son’s birthday; that thought tided me over, saving me from the brink of despair and anger.

Whole30 Daily Photo Journal

On top of the fatigue from flu and food boredom from this restricted diet, I also have not lost weight for 6 days. Yes, I know on Whole30 you’re not supposed to weigh yourself, but I have been a daily weigher for three years and I didn’t want to break that habit now that it’s become ingrained into my morning. I know weight fluxes over the course of the week and I know there are often plateaus before a drop, but still I was expecting to continue to lose weight since I was by no means overeating and not consuming a single empty calorie.

I figure that if I lose at least 8 more pounds on this diet by the end (I lost 6 the first week), then I won’t count it a waste of time and of willpower. I know that’s a lot in a short amount of time, but this is also a lot harder and a lot more ascetic than anything I’ve ever done before (or ever will do again). So, if I don’t get the bang for my buck, so to speak, I will be irate.

I’m already irate, actually, because I really want some chocolate and some cheese.

Simple, Family-Friendly Whole30 Plan

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  1. Janis
    | Reply

    Oh my goodness, you made me laugh!!! I love your honesty about your boredom with the diet! No matter what plan I choose, all diets make me feel that way! So funny to see that you didn’t sugarcoat it. :)

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      If sugar was allowed, I’d definitely sugarcoat this diet. But, it’s not, so bald truth is all we got. :)

  2. Willa
    | Reply

    Mystie, it is funny how often we end up on the same track. After the Christmas holidays I went looking for an eating plan and found a discussion of Whole30 on the 4Real forum. Then when I searched for more information, a Google Plus link to your site was one of the first things I found. I am glad you are back to doing your daily journal. I like looking at your food pictures and it’s always more fun trying something when you know someone else is working at the same thing.

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      I, for one, do like how Google gives you search results from people you “know” online. :) I wouldn’t have been able to stick with this at all if I weren’t doing it with a friend and with my husband. Doing it along with someone helps, even if only so you can complain together. :)

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