Simplified Whole30, Day 4

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Simplified Whole30 Daily Photo Journal

Yesterday, on Simplified Whole30: Day 3

Just a reminder to new readers: I actually began my whole30 on Monday, December 30, but I’m publishing the days to correspond with the days in January. This gives me a little leeway to get the photos uploaded and the posts written. :) Hence the past tense used in my comments.

One Whole30 rule I am not following is the “don’t weigh yourself” rule. Almost four years ago I started weighing myself every day, and I don’t want to lose that habit. Having tracked it for that long, I also know that my weight fluxes as much as 5 pounds almost every week, so periodic spikes won’t discourage me. I know that’s normal. Even when I’m losing weight, there will be days where it goes up, often before spiking down. But, on day 4, I had already lost two and a half pounds! That’s an encouraging start.


Simplified Whole30 Breakfast

Standard breakfast, plus 3 orange slices.


Simplified Whole30 Lunch

I definitely had a head cold, and with a sore throat, I couldn’t bear to eat a plate full of lettuce. I also didn’t have much of an appetite, so I had nuts for protein and a cup of the leek soup I’d made on Monday.
Nuts are delicious.


Simplified Whole30 Dinner

I made braised short ribs for dinner, using the last of the beef from the cow we purchased last June. I just braised them with onions, garlic, and salt and I think I should have cooked them longer. They were tough and everyone had trouble eating them. It was rather a flop of a dinner. On top of that, during getting it onto the table and beginning, my head cold tanked and became the flu: aches, chills, pounding headache, and overwhelming sleepiness. So, I ate my brussels sprouts and then headed to bed.

Simple, Family-Friendly Whole30 Plan

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