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I didn’t get this prewritten this week, but I still wanted to get a quick version up. So this is the image-heavy instead of word-heavy version. :)

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I get the email notifications about the boys’ goodreads accounts, which they get to administer. They love to send book recommendations, and I love seeing comment threads with my dad in their reviews.

This week I have seen them with

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More often it [classical education] simply means a return to sanity, both as to what the children are to read and learn, and as to how they are to learn it.

Just go read the whole thing and be encouraged and strengthened in your resolve, but especially as the catalogs start arriving (even those from classical curriculum sellers), take this to heart:

Be bold, be bold! Remember Hans Christian Andersen! The superintendent has no clothes. The commissars of the Common Core have no clothes. The developers of curricula have no clothes. They are all a great big herd of balding and belly-sagging naked people, swaggering and blustering and ordering everybody around. Let some little boy cry out to any one of them, “Hey mister, diagram this sentence!” Go for it, and let the devil take the hindmost!

Candace has been running a great series on memorization this month, featuring her new free memory resource and many great guest posts. I got to be one of them. Thanks, Candace!

But if we want to learn whole passages, whole chapters, whole thoughts of Scripture, or if we want to learn the creeds, the old hymns of the faith, and beautiful poetry, we will have to be content to postpone seeing the fruits of our investment. It will take years, not weeks.

The Nester‘s motto is “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” Mine, for memory work (well, pretty much for everything) is that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be worth doing.

And don’t forget to watch our Simplified Organization hangout on Monday! I also get to announce a surprise at the end of the RTM tutorial, and I’m excited!

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If you have a post with a collection of links, a post about what you’re currently reading, or a recommended book list, link it up here! We’ll have our very own “best of the web” & “best of our book piles” right here, every week!

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  1. Divina Koonce
    | Reply

    I like that illustrated version of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen other fairy tales by that same illustrator.

  2. Catie
    | Reply

    We have that version and a few others of The Twelve Dancing Princesses at our house too. :)

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