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weekend reads link up

I am so glad I started this series of posts! It has been a motivator for me to close the laptop when I start mindlessly browsing Pinterest and instead pick up my books. After all, I have to share what I’m reading every week, and not only is there no one who wants to read the same list week after week, I don’t want to write the same list and have nothing new to say each weekend!

Books Read at Our House This Week

This week’s favorite picture books with the preschool set were the classics When I Was Young in the Mountains and Stone Soup. I love the last line after the story is over: “Such men do not grow on every bush.” I don’t know why it amuses me so much, but I never neglect to read it aloud, quite slowly and deliberately.

Unfortunately, my boys came into possession of a Lego Magazine this week, so profitable reading was eclipsed. In another day or two, I’m sure it will be left out, misplaced, and then mysteriously lost. Talk about liturgies of consumerism. Bleck. However, it was a book club week, and the boys read and chatted about The Wheel on the School with their friends.

This week I started Holy is the Day by Carolyn Weber, which Dawn recommended last year and which Cindy has on her 2014 to-read list. Oh my goodness. If you love to read good writing, you simply must pick up this book. Her style reminds me somewhat of Kathleen Norris (and she has quotes her), but with better theology. :) Here’s just a snippet:

“Nothing is worth jeopardizing everything you have worked for, all you have accumulated, all you have accomplished.”

There’s the beauty of it, the relentless truth of grace: even a sentence from a bureaucratic doorway can lead one through the true gate. For, to borrow John Berger’s words in reply, “sometimes to refute a single sentence it is necessary to tell a life story.”

You really must read this, hands-down. And I’m only on the third chapter.

Online Reading This Week

Evernote is as versatile as a stack of blank paper, a set of tab dividers, and a huge binder!

So, is it cheating to share my own links? I had a good time writing this post for Pam, and if you’re interested in paperless planning, then I think you’ll enjoy it!

Sarah has some great task management insight here!

Looping is my antidote to steamrolling over everybody in my zeal to check everything off my list.

Well, if your house is like my house was for a number of years, all the children hip hooray themselves out to the backyard and Mom is left in a Pile of School. Papers everywhere. Pens and pencils and erasers and at least half a dozen books. Everywhere.

No more!

I think this series will be helpful even for those of us not doing AO. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series!

weekend reads linky party

More Weekend Reads

If you have a post with a collection of links, a post about what you’re currently reading, or a recommended book list, link it up here! We’ll have our very own “best of the web” & “best of our book piles” right here, every week!

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4 Responses

  1. Divina
    | Reply

    I’ll have to check out your post about Evernote and Brandy’s Helping Children Become Independent. Thanks for the tips! Don’t hold back in sharing your OWN links, too :)

  2. dawn
    | Reply

    Thanks for the link! I went back and re-read my review and the quotes and I’m ready to read it again!

  3. Sarah
    | Reply

    Oh man, I NEED to link up here. My personal reading (outside of Chesterton) is at an all time low. I think it’s because internet surfing takes less (no?) brain power. Not a good habit to be forming.

    Putting Holy is the Day in my Amazon cart!

  4. Brandy @ Afterthoughts
    | Reply

    I’m putting Holy is the Day on my wishlist, for sure! Glad for the recommendation. :) ps. We LOOOOOOOVE Stone Soup. Love. :)

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