Weekend Reads: Catch-Up Edition

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I haven’t posted a weekend reads for 2 weeks, but that’s only due to my own carelessness and letting time get away from me on Fridays. :) I enjoy book posts, so I hope you do, too.

Books read by my 10yo & 8yo sons

The boys have mostly been reading Hardy Boys and Hank the Cowdog library books these last few weeks. They’ve read what we have on our shelves (and reread them) and they’re bored with them. It’s alright. I relate to wanting light fare at the end of a school year.

I checked out Disappearing Spoon from the library for myself (to interest myself in elements and the periodic table in preparation for next year’s studies), but I left it out after my first evening with it and Hans stole it for the next three days! He is not accustomed to taking three days to finish a book he is interested in. When he was halfway through he mentioned, “I really like that book, Mom. Thanks for checking it out. It’s harder to read than most books, but it’s really interesting!” I think I need to intentionally increase the difficulty of his reading material to keep him challenged.

The boys are listening to these audio books:

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Books I’ve finished

  • Making Kingdom Disciples. A solid book, recommended by WTS Books. I’m interested in pursuing discipleship as a model both for homeschool teaching and for outreach. This book provided a lot of background someone doing discipleship would need (worldviews, covenant theology, etc.), presented some relevant biblical stories from a covenantal (big picture narrative rather than moralistic) perspective, and was light on the practicalities but heavy on the why.
  • What’s Best Next. Another book recommended by WTS Books, and I now trust their recommendations completely. Wow. I’ve read a lot of productivity-type books over the years and this one was really, really good and from a thoroughly Christian worldview (which I’ve always had to filter myself; I’ve not yet seen anything like this).

Books I’m currently reading

  • Disappearing Spoon. Library book. Reading it in order to become interested in the elements and the periodic table, which we will be learning about next year. And because I need lighter evening reading that doesn’t involve story grip (which keeps me up too late).
  • Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Types by Isabel Briggs-Myers. I have a penchant for MBTI, but I had a sudden misgiving the other day: What if all this internet MBTI stuff is kinda like most of the CM stuff on the internet. That is, what if it’s written mostly by people who have read only enough to be misleading? I realized I can’t be a MBTI geek unless I actually read MB, am I right? It’s actually fascinating and not a difficult read, but there’s a lot of pieces to track (I’m now used to the different letters, so it’s not so bad).
  • *Beauty in the Word by Stratford Caldecott. I own it and Cindy is talking about it. Therefore, I must read it.

And I need to go to bed now, so I’m going to leave out the links around the web part, except to say you simply must follow Brandy’s current series “Learning How to Live” and if you need hand-holding for homeschool planning, Pam’s series is clear and useful.

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More Weekend Reads

If you have a post with a collection of links, a post about what you’re currently reading, or a recommended book list, link it up here! We’ll have our very own “best of the web” & “best of our book piles” right here, every week!

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