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Books Read at Our House This Week

The boys read the three Pat McManus books we owned, so we had to go to the library and get the four other titles there. I’ve given the boys free reign in their Goodreads recordkeeping this year, and I have fun (as do my dad and my brother) seeing what they say. Of Into the Twilight, Endlessly Grousing, Hans wrote:

This was the first Patrick F. McManus book I read. I loved it! I read all the ones we have and then asked Mom to put on hold some more.

And he gave it five stars. Jaeger, also, gave five stars to Avalanche by McManus, and had this to say:

very good. i like Patrick McManus because it is so funny!

I finished Holy is the Day and absolutely loved it. I found it hard to find quotable sentences to pull out, because it all flowed so tightly together and played upon what came before. It was a pleasure to read, and it was a very compelling memoir of growing in wisdom and dependance upon God, Who is always there.

Book Deal Alert!

A friend of mine let me know earlier this week that Westminster Books has the Simonetta Carr biographies for young readers on sale for under $10! I bought two for school this year (Augustine of Hippo and Athanasius) and even my older readers love them. They are beautifully illustrated and well written.

If I get each of the children one for Easter, our collection will be nearly complete. And, there’s a book on John Knox, so really, I have to have it, don’t I?

Online Reading This Week

Wow, it was a great week in the blogging world this week!

One of the dangers of homeschooling is the thought that we can avoid sin and sorrow and sickness and therefore unhappiness. I am all for avoiding sin except for the fact that no matter how hard we try to stamp it out there it is. This is especially true when we are trying to stamp sin out of the hearts of other people. We naively believe that this is our job as homeschoolers or parents. That is not our job because we cannot do it.

We’re not dabbling. We’re wrestling.

This is part of Sarah’s current Teaching from a State of Rest series, which is essential reading.

[R]emember that curriculum is not something you buy. Those printed resources you use (that you used to call curriculum, like the math text or the handwriting workbook) are there to help you teach your students. Remember that the published resources are to be wielded by you, not to rule over you.

I know all this has been said before, and if you aren’t a new homeschool mom, you might not get excited about this one, but I thought it was a great summary and reminder that could be easily passed on to a friend just starting out.

You will like being around your kids much more than you think you will.

And here’s one reason why:

That kid, the one who drives you crazy every.single.evening (stop please and think about how sad this really is) has bottled up almost every emotion all day long in order to ensure his own survival. […] And he knows you are a safe outlet for his tiredness and frustration. Even if he lets loose on you, you are going to continue to love him.

I have found this to be one of the real joys of homeschooling:

I see the worst of my kids, sure. But I also see the best of them. I see ALL the good moments, the lightbulb moments of understanding and the sweet moments of compassion to another human. Yes, they still save their worst for me, because I am that safe harbor, but I also get their best — their funniest, their smartest, their most creative. And I get it every day.

Jennifer is always good for a humorous take, but this one was insightful as well as humorous.

I was jumping from one thing to the next, feeling like I was trying to sort through an avalanche, and at the end of the day I would wonder if maybe the five things I didn’t do were the only ones that really mattered.
But when I finally had the time to prayerfully prioritize my approach to each day, it was so much easier to keep my life in balance.

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