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Books Read at Our House This Week

For his birthday, we gave Knox It Could Always Be Worse and King Midas and the Golden Touch. He loves them and I love to read them. I really, really like this version of King Midas. The illustrations are beautiful, and Midas is a sympathetic character, and it has repentance and redemption (washing with water) in the end.

Both Hans and Jaeger read Medallion, Indian in the Cupboard and The Twenty-One Balloons this week. The Vikings by John Clare was a Paperback Swap score this week that both boys had finished within 24 hours of its arrival. Then Jaeger was looking for something new to read the other night, and I couldn’t find anything he hadn’t already read on our shelves, so Matt suggested he try some Patrick McMannus. I handed him They Shoot Canoes, Don’t They? and he proceeded to giggle himself silly on the couch, reading bits aloud to me because they were just too funny not to share. It was great.

I’m still slowly moving through the same reading pile.

Holy is the Day is the sort of book I could gobble up, but I’m trying to read it slowly and savor it.

I began and finished Mediating on the Word by Deitrich Bonhoeffer. It was quite good (shorter than I thought somehow), though half of it was introduction by the translator. Here was a favorite snippet:

It is grace to know God’s commands. They release us from self-made plans and conflicts. They make our steps certain and our way joyful.


It is wrong to say that we are being legalistic when we are concerned with the ordering of our Christian life and with our faithfulness in requirements of Scripture reading and prayer. Disorder undermines and destroys the faith.

Further on order:

Meditation [Scripture-based prayer] can give our lives a measure of steadiness; […] Meditation is a source of peace, of patience and of joy; it is like a magnet which draws together all the forces in our life which make for order.

Online Reading This Week

You can read a fun interview here with picture book author Lydia Grace Kadar-Kallen, and you can even enter to win a copy of her new book!

This really is the best play dough recipe I’ve made yet!

My mom has started blogging again. :)

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More Weekend Reads

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    I checked out your mom’s blog. Love her banner and blog title :)

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    I love what Bonhoeffer says about ordering. So true.

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