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With my daily tasks limited to the top most important, how to I keep track of the other routine things that need to happen in a week? With my clipboard!

October is the month for Nester’s 31 Days series! I always love participating. It’s a lot of fun to write an extended series like this with lots of small pieces all strung together in a short amount of time.

This year’s series is Simple Systems: 31 Small Ways to Reduce Decision Fatigue.

Finding many small changes you can make to simplify average days at home will add up to significantly more calmness and drastically less stress. I think you’ll be surprised if you also try making similar little tweaks that reduce the load of decision making in the day to day.

Simple Home System: Command Clipboard

A clipboard will help you organize the rest of your week beyond today's to-do list. Learn my strategies to keep your head in the game.

My clipboard holds my picture of and priorities for my week.

Yes, yes, I was the one who wrote the book on Paperless Home Organization and how to do it. However, sometimes a glance at a physical list is a lot smarter than having an excuse to swipe and check a list on my iPod. So I started keeping my essential reference checklists on a clipboard and it’s been working marvelously.

Pieces of this system

So my prettified clipboard holds my weekly overview sheet and my index card to-do list, as well as my weekly homeschool checklist, and I can refer to it throughout the day as needed and at a glance. A clipboard is portable, flexible, and means my pages always have a hard surface for writing.

Make This System Useful For You

As part of the Simplified Organization Course, I created a video where I show-and-tell my clipboard and index card to-do list. I’ll share it here with you so you can get a real idea of how this works and how you might tweak it for your own situation.

Simple Systems

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