Whole30, Day 9

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Simplified Whole30 Daily Photo Journal

Yesterday, on Simplified Whole30: Day 8**

Incomplete pictures today. I am still feeling crummy.


Simplified Whole30 Breakfast

Eggs scrambled with coconut oil. I also had bit of raw red pepper and a banana. And a cup of black coffee.


I was feeling ill again by lunch and only had a small bowl of frozen blueberries and a few cashews.


Simplified Whole30 Dinner

I roasted an extra turkey I had purchased and frozen at Thanksgiving time. We had it with roasted frozen broccoli (with olive oil & salt). There was also broccoli slaw with avocado mayo dressing.

We’ll have leftover meat in the fridge again! Woot.

Day 1 Status Update

I am ready for this virus to have run its course, but the doctor told me I have several days yet of feeling run over by a truck. Sigh.

Simple, Family-Friendly Whole30 Plan

  1. Jeanie
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    Mystie, I hope you and your family are feeling better. I wanted you to know that thanks to your announcement that you were doing this Whole 30, I got the book from the library to see what it was all about. My husband and I started it on January 2nd. It’s been quite eye-opening in terms of habits of what we eat and when. For me, I’ve discovered how I used bread as an easy way to stay full. My body actually needs way more protein than I’ve ever eaten. Thanks for blogging about this. I hope you continue.

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